New Property Taxes - Why?

My family owns a portion of mineral rights that span across the boundary of Tyler and Doddridge Counties in WV. For the first time we have received one additional property tax bill in each county and I cannot understand why. The property description in Tyler County including the production company and well API are the same as another property tax ticket but the account number and map/parcel numbers are different. In Doddridge County the property description is just “mineral interest” but the account, map and parcel numbers are all different. We have had these wells for more than 20 years and this in a new development for 2020. As far as I know there has not been a change in the production company or the wells. CNX is drilling a horizontal well that does slightly include my property but we have not signed the division order - would this account for the additional property tax tickets? I can pay the property tax but wonder if this is a mix up in the courthouse. Any ideas on how to proceed would be appreciated.

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It is very possible the new production unit partially resides in both counties. I would contact CNX and ask the question since it also may prompt receipt of a division order.


In WV, you aren’t liable for “new” development taxes for two years under the current system. I would definitely speak to both courthouses and find out exactly what you are taxed on. I’ve heard of systems where the counties “agree” on which county should get the tax when a property is located in both. You will likely have to bring CNX into the discussion, but I have found that you will get further with the courthouses first. You can also contact the state tax office.

For the record, each county has different account numbers and parcel-ids so that doesn’t mean anything. You would have to research the location of all of the property information to be able to make the determination.

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Hello OscarU and All, I just happened on to this forum, and am new here. It is nice to have a place to connect with others about mineral rights. I have some similar questions about taxes and about the Land Company who was leasing my mineral rights. In 2019 and again this year, I received tax statements from Peasants County, WV for minerals assessed at 200 on each of 3 map parcels. I have had the mineral rights for over 40 years, and this is the first time I have received tax statements, so I am confused about that. My other question is about BB Land, LLC. They contacted me within the past 10 years to lease my mineral rights, and I received small checks once a year for 2 or 3 years. Next, I received a letter saying that they had drilled new wells. and I had to sign, have some documents notarized and return them. After that, I haven’t received any royalties. When I try looking up a contact for BB Land, I can’t find a definite current contact or website, so wonder if anyone has contact information for them. I look forward to connecting with everyone. Thanks very much, Anne Hamlin


You can contact Peasants County Assessor’s office directly and asked why you are being assessed. They should be able to give you the well name.

Is there an address on any of the paperwork that you have for BB Land? When I do searches through Google, there are quite a few options that appear to be available.

Hope this helps! ~Rachel

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