New owner to mineral rights

Hello Everyone, I am very new to managing my mineral rights and leases. I am trying to identify via my deed information, which properties are leased and to which operator. It is hard for me, a person who has never dealt with these types of documents, I have joined your forum to seek help in attempting to audit some of the properties that I own. Understanding the legalese on the mineral deed seems overwhelming. Are there any resources available that can point me in the right direction to begin my audit project? Thank you all in advance. I hope to have stories to share as I learn the forum. :grinning:

First of all, welcome!

Sort your deeds and properties into states and then by counties.
If you are in states like Texas, they will have abstract numbers.
If you are in states like OK or ND or others, they will have section, township and ranges which are fairly easy to place once you know to read the legal locations from right to left. There are experts on the forum in most of the states, so it is useful to ask questions within the state and county for those particular minerals. There are various free websites for each state where you can look up your minerals. But you would have to figure that out first before we can help you.

Thank You M Barnes! I am trying this with baby steps, I am starting with Texas, and Glasscock County. I have used GlasscockCAD to search for properties in my owners name. (Those free websites do help a bit, that’s how I found your group) I have division orders from my operators. I wanted to use my sheets (from CAD webpage) to match to my Division orders, but the infomation I read on my deeds (property names and description) vary from the division orders.

For example My deeds may say “1/64 royalty interest in and to oil … in XX,XXX acres, being sections 4,9,12,13,14,22,24,26,27,35,36 and 37 block 36 Twnship 4 South T&P RY Co. survey, Glasscock County , Texas, And being more particularly described in vol 67 page 550 of the deed of records of Glasscock County.” (That’s a mouthful and yet only the description) The exhibit continues… “a” “.0195xx royalty interest in the above descrivbed section 27, block 36 - Morris B Antwiel - Joe C. Calverley Acct #1 Lease - Spraberry Trend Area Field AND,” (then 25 other descriptions for the same item number)

then my division order might read as… Property Number 430090.010H.1 (COG Ref Number) Property Name Calverley 9-4 10H Map Description Sec; 9, 4;36 t4s;0 T&P, Survey

I would appreciate any help on clarifying deed property descriptions with operator property descriptions and names. and maybe I do have a lot of properties to match up with their respective deeds and operators, across the great state of Texas.

Thank you.

Clint Liles is the mapping guru for Texas, so you might want to post this part in Glasscock and see if he will help you get oriented. The deed has the official legal description. The operators have their own description for each well(s). So you might have several division orders for the same property.