Locating/Identifying interests in Glasscock

I am starting with Texas, and Glasscock County. I have used GlasscockCAD to search for properties in my owners name. (Those free websites do help a bit, that’s how I found your group) I have division orders from my operators. I wanted to use my sheets (from CAD webpage) to match to my Division orders, but the information I read on my deeds (property names and description) vary from the division orders.

For example My deeds may say “1/64 royalty interest in and to oil … in XX,XXX acres, being sections 4,9,12,13,14,22,24,26,27,35,36 and 37 block 36 Twnship 4 South T&P RY Co. survey, Glasscock County , Texas, And being more particularly described in vol 67 page 550 of the deed of records of Glasscock County.” (That’s a mouthful and yet only the description) The exhibit continues… “a” “.0195xx royalty interest in the above described section 27, block 36 - Morris B Antwiel - Joe C. Calverley Acct #1 Lease - Spraberry Trend Area Field AND,” (then 25 other descriptions for the same item number)

then my division order might read as… Property Number 430090.010H.1 (COG Ref Number) Property Name Calverley 9-4 10H Map Description Sec; 9, 4;36 t4s;0 T&P, Survey

I would appreciate any help on clarifying deed property descriptions with operator property descriptions and names. and maybe I do have a lot of properties to match up with their respective deeds and operators, across the great state of Texas. Thank you.