Need Plat/lot locations for section 271 Block 13

I’m trying to locate a plat or possibly old exhibit that shows the locations of the lots and sub lots in Section 271 but am having no real luck. Does anyone know if this exists, or should I try tracking down the m/b legal description of the subdivisions themselves?

Thank you!!

Reeves County Section 271/Block 13


Don’t know if this will show up, but it is an old map of Section 271 which is hard to read. The sub-blocks start at the top left and wrap around in a zigzag fashion from 1 to 16. The 5 acre lots are numbered 1 - 8 in each sub-block. Some parts are blacked out making it harder to follow.

Hope that helps.


thanks clint! For some reason it wasn’t showing up on RRC until I cleared my browser cache.


This helps a ton. I should be able to digitize these easily since the pattern of the sub-blocks seem to be consistent all the way down. Thank you!

Try the Reeves County Search Engine

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Blk 13, H&GN, Sec. 271 PLAT 2.pdf (465.8 KB) Original Plat - TVGAC Subdivision in Blk 13, H&GN.pdf (2.4 MB)


Check out this link too… has good maps!

Some specifics… YOUNG WELLS 270-271

I am getting the highest royalties ever on the Young Wells. Last Summer 2021 right before my Lease expired, I was contacted by a representative. He sent me paperwork to sign so I would get royalties. The Young wells are producing and paying great royalties

Yep, the Young wells are great producers. We are paid for two well “Units.” Oxy drilled and completed 5 wells, creating two Units to the best of my understanding.

Are you leased @ 25% Rick? Or getting the 100% as an unsigned? Do you know which of the wells are paid off? When you say “two” well units are you not in a pool?

Hi Jed…yes we are leased at 25%. We are not in a pool as we own an interest in both section 270 and 271 where the wells were drilled. As for being paid off, I don’t know Texas law but would estimate or guess that the wells should be close to being paid off. They make 2.5 - 3 million a month. That’s before royalty owners get their share though, so really don’t know the answer to that question. Do you own in both sections or just 271?

R, we are in 270 and also in a producing section adjacent.

Does anyone know the process, procedure, disclosure a driller producer makes once a well is paid out? Does Texas state law make rules, regulations on disclosure of a well being paid out? Looking through threads here I don’t see much discussion on that.

Does anyone know the process for Unleased Owners? I should get 100% royalty.
I received a bill for productions costs around $10,000. They want payment now before I receive my royalties. Will they be able to tell me what my royalty payout will be? First time to be unleashed. I think production has stopped on the wells. Any help would be great

If you are an unleased mineral owner in Texas, you do not receive any revenues until after the well has “paid out”, i.e. the net sales have covered all drilling related expenses and day-to-day operating expenses. Then you receive 100% of your share of revenues, less your share of operating and well expenses. So if you own 1% of minerals, then you get 1% of sales less 1% of the costs. Payout is calculated on a well-by-well basis, and so if a well never reaches pay-out, then you receive no revenues, but you could be paid on other wells after-payout. I would not think that you should be paying a JIB for the costs, but only be netted (Total sales from well less total expenses). As an unleased mineral owner, you are not liable for the plugging costs either. Do not sign a Joint Operating Agreement or other document making you liable for costs exceeding revenues. You should consult your oil and gas lawyer for specific advice based on the particular details of your wells and situation.

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Thanks I was very hesitant to send $10K I figured it worked similar to being in a Lease. 25% royalties paid as a net amount with nothing out of pocket.