Need info on section 6-12N-7w

I am trying to find information about Canadian County Oklahoma section 6-12n-7w I’m having a hell of the time getting in contact with Camino natural resources if anybody could help me out I’d greatly appreciate it


What are you trying to find out about your section 6-12N-7W? Activity, Leasing, drilling?

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89 Energy is your operator for the Geronimo 1207 6-2MH well.
The well was finished 9-10-17. First sales were 9/26/17.
What else are you trying to find out?

I’m trying to find out any information I can about possibly selling or or at least information I never signed a contract with them to drill so I have no say in anything that I just don’t understand a lot of this I feel like I’m getting the runaround from everybody

Edward give me a call. I have contact information for Camino

Camino Natural Resources is the operator of the Von Tungeln 6-2 well. It has been online since Jul 1980 and was still online as of April 2018. 89 Energy sold both of the wells to Camino. August 14, 2018. They may not have all their ducks in a row yet. You may get better info from 89Energy. Both are listed on the form.

Since you were probably held by a very old lease on the VT well, it would have held you for the new well and they did not need your permission to drill. You should have gotten all the paperwork about the new well. If not, come back here and I will give you the OCC doc links for all of it.

No I didn’t get any paperwork on it I’ve been going through probate for the last 7 years and I finally got all my ducks in a row on that

Hi My name is randall and maybe you can answer this question. 89 energy drilled a hole in section 8-12n-6w . Bonzai 8-1MHR Canadian county . I was told it was a dry hole and it was capped. Is this true? any info would help. thanks

Randall the Bonzai 8-1WHR in Section 8-12N-6W has been plugged. 1003-C was filed 11/24/17.

thank you for you help

M_Borrell, Direct solicitation is not allowed on the forum. You agreed to that when you signed on. This is your only warning. This is the OCC site for the case dockets.

Look up 201703065, 201703166 and 201703165 and see if you can find your relatives in the respondents lists. This is the site for the well info. Put 0612N07 in the legal location box and you can find all the well info that is public.

Just an FYI. 89 Energy has since merged to Camino Natural Resources. I have contacts with both companies if you have any specific questions.

A quick glance looks to me as though you have been HBP and there was no new lease to sign. Said companies are also acquiring minerals if that is your goal. Feel free to contact me and I will get you to the correct contact for what you are trying to do.

Thank you Thomas, I have rights in 24-12N-07W which Camino also is drilling in. API has been established, 035-017-25248. I don’t have any contact for info and only know from letters in my mailbox and public information that I have figured out for myself. I assume I will begin receiving checks beginning around July or Aug of 2019. I would appreciate any contact #'S or information you could share with me. I think they are a foreign LLC company and acquiring old and drilling horizontal wells all around the block area… Kurt.

Jim Thorpe1207 25-24-1WXH was spud on August 5, 2018. Contact info is on the form. You will not hear from them until about five months after the drilling is finished.

Thank you again M Barnes… I knew this from you helping me in the past… I did make contact through e-mail to Camino at one point several months ago to this same contact in which I was not accepted with much enthusiasm, I realize I am the mineral owner but it appears they have all control…lol… This was mostly meant for others in this situation… As long as the official snail mail is coming to you and you know how to follow public record you should be ok… Patience is a virtue and that black stuff is very deep down and hard to extract… Good luck to everyone on here, and anyone reading this post.

Any info on American Mineral Partners

American Mineral Partners is a mineral buyer. Lots of pending drilling in the area. Consider carefully if you want to sell and why. If you just inherited, then slow down and get informed as to what is going on in your areas, what the potential is, what a fair rate is and whether it makes more sense to hang on and get royalties instead. If you are not getting the OCC cases that belong to your section, you need to contact the attorney. Let me know if you need help.

I am wondering if you could answer my question since you seem to know what you are talking about Martha.I have received a letter regarding the Samford 1207 #1smh-2 well . Section 2-12N-7W in Canadian County. (if participating) i have been given the options of #1 elects to waive rights to a casing point election for the proposed well or #2 decline. Also the election to amend the expenditure limit from $15,000 to $50,000 or decline. Is this a new well being drilled or is this mineral rights i can sell? Any help in determining what this is about i would appreciate. thank you.

This is a new well in sec 2-12N-7W. I would need to see the actual document to tell you any more. They seem to think that you have mineral acres. Have you leased in here before? It sounds like the option for a working interest. Can you scan it? You do not have to participate. Before you consider selling, get all the information you can.