Ne Purdy Springer

I have been getting notifications about activity on the Purdy property in Garvin county. I believe the operator is Daylight Petroleum, LLC. How do I go about finding out what section, township & range this would be in so I can get more info?

What type of notifications are you getting? OCC, Division order? Most of them will have the locations at near the top.

I don’t remember a division order it may have gone to a relative so I just received a check for the first time and no one in my family members or can find paper work. In the statement it reads:

Property: (205321) Ne Purdy Springer Sat 2,6,8

The check was cut by management systems company I assume that the 2,6,8 are the wells. Strictly an oil play no mention of gas

The best thing is to call the number on the check and ask them to give you the description. Give them your name, address, the Property Number, description in words and your owner number from the check. Or you can write by certified letter.

Daylight bought out Merit’s interest. They have had a difficult time getting their act together The accounting is done by GJ & Company LLC, Wichita, KS. 1.888.405.5040. You should also get a check from Vitol Inc., Crude Oil Mktg USA. in fact your description of Ne Purdy Springer Sat 2,6,8 is the description on the Vitl check stub.

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This appears to be the Northeast Purdy Springer Sand Unit established by OCC Order No. 161061.

Go to the OCC imaging site:

and search for that order in “OAP Orders and Case Files” to view all of the land covered by the Unit.

I talked to someone at Iberia Management Systems who I believe is cutting the checks for Vitol and confirmed that Daylight purchased from Merit. The reason I was confused is the initial division order came from Enterprise which I do remember. The royalties were for the T25 Denson Parr, T26 Mosely A, T27 & 28 Mostly B. Is there an easy way to find out the productions of these wells? The statement does not have wells listed with individual production.

Those numbers may be the NE Purdy tract numbers 2,6,8 or something completely different. See if the map and listing of tracts in the Unitization agreement match anything in your files. Those old units can be quite a bear to figure out. Look at the old tracts list and see if you see a family member name. Instead of “Sat”, you might have “Sut” which means Sand Unit. Contact Daylight and ask them what section, township and range go with Property 205321. Also ask which tract number it is, so you have it for your records.
Or if you can scan the line on the check stub run statement that has the description, I may be able to help. I have part of that field as well and get the stubs from Daylight, too. I am used to looking at them. For example, here is one of mine with a whopping 4 cents.

“Lease: (NEPHUYY09) NEPHU YY-9 County: GARVIN, OK”. (This stands for North East Purdy Unit Tract YY-9 which I can find on the Unit map. )

“APl:35049381540000” This is the API unique identifier for the unitized field.

“02/2019 GAS” “$/MCF:1.38” “641.95 /0.03”
“Roy NRI:” 0.00004821 “Deck: G2”
“ONEOK” (This is the gas purchaser)

“Gas Sales:” 883.02 0.04. (the first number is gross, the second is my whopping 4 cents net)

“Gas Production Tax:” “62.56-” 0.00. (gross number first, net number second)

“Gas Marketing Charge:” “14.00-” 0.00 (gross number first, net number second)

“OK0 Withholding:” 0.00. (none since we turned in our W-9 a long time ago)

“Net Income:” 806.46 0.04 (gross income for that tract first and my net second)

Here is the Unitization agreement.

Lars, at the risk of stating the obvious, there are two types of production wells: primary production (which includes most horizontal wells); and secondary production from unitized wells. Secondary units are sometimes called “water floods.” The NE Purdy Springer Sand Unit is a waterflood.

You could be receiving run checks from both types of production: run checks from drilling and spacing unit(s) that include the specific land where your minerals are located (primary); and run checks from the NE Purdy Springer Sand Unit. The operators and purchasers may be entirely different entities. It is confusing, but it id s good business practice to understand whay you are receiving run checks.

Lars, what is the section and township. You might look those wells up in the electronic well data of the occ and find all those wells are plugged and abandoned. There are two sand units here. NE Purdy Hart Sand Unit and the NE Purdy Springer Unit. Daylight has sent me 68 pages of detail to calculate what Merit did in 3 pages. They start with well A-2B and go all the way through ZZ-18 for the Purdy Hart before the do every well in the NE Purdy Springer Unit. I need to request to get this by email before they denude the earth

section 19, township 3 north, range 3 west

Even if the wells in a certain original section are abandoned, by belonging to the unit, you still get paid on the production of the unit. (subject to the unit agreement)

If you are in 19-3N-3W, then you may be getting paid on the Torero 1-19-18WXH well under the terms of the unitization. Best way to find out is to contact the operator!

Yes, that is why Merit had such short detail as compared to Daylight. Merit took your wells assigned portion of the total unit and allocated the entire unit accordingly. He should certainly be receiving checks from the Torero from Casillas as it had 1st sale is Dec. 2017.

Hey! We have an Entirety Clause that includes Section 19. Hadn’t heard anything about this well. Thank you for sharing this!

There is no Unitzation Agreement in place for the Woodford Formation. If Mr. Jacob owns minerals in Sections 18 or 19-3N-3W, he will get paid on the Torero well because he owns in one or both of those 2 sections, not because he has minerals subject to the Unititzation Agreement for the NE Purdy Springer Sand Unit.

Todd M Baker

If that is the case, then the decimal amounts for the Torero will be different than the unit decimals of course.

I receive checks for the Torero well. The 2nd check from 19-3n-3w which was confusing me now appears to be from the unitization of the Purdy Spring Sand Unit A where I believe we had interests in Tracts 25,26,27 & 28 which if I am correct were originally the Denson Parr, Mosely A & Mosely B leases

Sometimes you will get your shallow zones from the unitization in one line with the tract numbers if you are lucky. Then the deeper pay is on a different line. The decimals may be different depending upon your old lease and the unit agreement.

You may want to re-read post #9 above. On primary production, your decimal interest in the Toreo Well will be a larger number than your share of the secondary production from the Hart and Springer (waterflood) units.