Here we are again, the NAT GAS Act is up for another vote in early April. Boone Pickins believes it'll pass (again) while Obama is talking-up NG (again) as a transportation fuel. This NAT GAS Act legislation is said to help the large truck owners buy the more expensive NG trucks. It'll also give tax breaks to stations/truck stops to put in CNG pumps. There's incentives for cars & light trucks as well for both buyers and manufacturers.

I don't know how Pickins puts-up with these politicians, it must be like herding cats at times.

Who keeps blocking this, please answer that. I would love to see them pass the act but major OIL Comapanies wold not like that at all, they have all the Filling Stations and sell the gasoline for all of them. If CNG stations were available, I for one would convert my pick up to natural gas.

It would be great for the economy as well as the environment. Clean burning and we do have a lot of it now. It would also cut down on the imports of oil. But there again, the Major Oil Companies are making a killing on the import oil and watching the stock market.