Multiunit hornizontal well sections 25 and 36

wondering if anyone has any word on sections 25 and 36 township 1 south, range 9 east, Coal county OK. Last letter received was findings and order cause cd no. 201801001-T last order was 688827

Thannks for any help

SOLO 1-25 36H was active on the OK Tax site as of 8/6/18. Should have been in pay status by about February. They may be waiting on the final orders which state the split. Look on 201801001 Order 688827 Paragraph 10 which was issued in December. You should have a Division order fairly quickly. Contact Canyon Creek t see when it should come. You may have interest from the late payment.

Thank you so much for your help!

After contacting Canyon Creek on our mineral we leased to them in section 25 they have no idea who we are and saying they don’t show us as owners. I have my court papers that state I am the mineral rights owner along with several of my family members. Canyon Creek says there lawyers are looking into why we have not received the division letter etc. My question is how long should I wait before getting attorneys involved. Canyon Creek says they need 3 weeks to do research with there lawyers. They found us over a year ago and signed a lease with us has this happened to anyone else? Thanks for any help

It does take about that long. Be patient for about a month. The leasing title opinion is done by different lawyers than the division title opinion. The Division Title opinion is much more rigorous since the money involved is much higher since it is they payment of royalties. Any court papers that you have that will help prove your case are useful. Send them copies by return receipt certified mail. Keep copies of all correspondence.

If the court papers are not from an Oklahoma Court, you will need to have the estate probated in Oklahoma. If so, this can usually be resolved in a few months.

Thank you I do have all documents to prove ownership of the Minerals in this section I’ll try being patient thanks for your advice

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Do make sure they are filed at the county courthouse.

Yes its all filed at the courthouse I called to make sure they had no problem finding us and found it odd that Canyon Creek is saying we own no minerals in section 25. If they paid us for a lease on the minerals in section 25 they should know we have minerals

probate was done in Coal county OK. We have signed a lease and when attempting to get any answers they don’t call back

If there are no defects in your title then you are entitled to 12% interest.

Does the Title 52 Statute cover ‘failure to pay proceeds from production’ situations other than the one referred to here?

what is title 52? No word back from canyon crk. they will not respond to lawyer very frustrated

The title opinion that is used to lease is not the same title opinion that is used for the Division Order. They are done by different firms (usually). Coal county can be a bit difficult for title work and some companies are really behind on their work.

I’m getting no where with Canyon Creek they will not return my calls. I’ve talked to one Attorney office in Coal Co. that handled the filings of my grandfathers will etc.they won’t return their calls. They told me several months ago they were sending to a 2nd out of office attorney. Dose anyone in Coal County handles mineral rights and research? Also can I hire a gas and oil attorney out side of Coal County? Thank you for your help.

Title 52 is part of the Oklahoma law that states they must give you interest if you have marketable title.

Yes, you can hire an attorney outside of Coal county. As long as they are certified to work in OK.

Coal County can be a challenge to work in for title work. Luckily, I had copies all the deeds from my grandfather with book and page on them. I have to frequently send them to operators and land men to prove my ownership.

Have you tried looking in They cover Coal County, but only back so far.

yes in lawyers hands at this point

Ms. Barnes we do have copies of the deeds and books and pages on the mineral rights from Coal county Canyon Creek was not interested in me sending them anything.