Multiunit hornizontal well sections 25 and 36

Have they put you in pay status yet?

Well I am kinda lost they have made use get death certificates on both my parents. Ok now I don’t know what this means but they had me pooled as a 12% royalties. But I am actually supposed to get 18.75%.Now they said they were going to request a reverse and rebook for the correction.

The operators have to make sure they pay the correct owners for their royalties. They have to be very careful that the title chain is correct. If they could not find your grandparents or parents or you to lease, in Oklahoma they do an event called a forced pooling. It is a way for the Oklahoma Corporation Commission to keep business moving forward. It is a essentially a court hearing where folks that cannot be found will have a bonus and lease royalty assigned to them. One must follow all the proper steps in order to get into pay status. Make sure that your name and address and all probate documents are properly filed in the Coal County courthouse.

Yes ma’am I will do that. I am going to be looking into how much money I am due as well. You see my father has been dead for 43 years. When it went to my mother she thought nothing would come of it. At federal courthouse when they passed it on to us in 1995. None of us ever gave it a second glance. Ma’am do they have to hold they money due to me. Because we all singed paperwork

We signed quite some time ago. But most of my family members were getting paid and I got nothing. I would call raise a fuss. Well when they figured out how many of us there is and the last name difference. They stopped paying anyone and made us come up with death certificate for both my parents. Liked to have never gotten my dad’s. Anyway do they have to pay me the total amount due to me. Because this thing is going to town so to speak.

Operators are supposed to hold any funds due to folks they cannot find for a certain number of years. Then they turn it over to the state treasurer. You need to contact the operator first and see if you can get into pay status. They you need to file any title information, death certificates, etc. at the county courthouse and you need to look for unclaimed funds through the OK state treasurer’s office.

Ok I have ran my course with canyon Creek Energy. I am going to go to coal County with proper documentation. Ok received email from lady claiming and I have only been paid for in $450 less than my siblings. When in fact 450 is what I didn’t get paid in November. She has given me every excuse in the book.

it does follow the bloodline until no heirs left living, or if signed over to someone else correct ? and can they legally just lease part of your acreage or all in that section, in the past we have always leased all that we have and got paid for total acreage not just what they want to lease

Not sure I understand your question. They can lease part or they can lease all of the acreage in section. The title will follow a will, trust or LLC or the laws of the state if someone dies without a will or the bloodline runs out.

hello, canyon creek is asking how my husband got his minerals, they was passed down the bloodline from his mother and dad,his parents have leased these before, canyon creek are saying a birth certif, is not enough when my husband has leased these before, I have a contract with them for all the acreage we have minerals on, canyon creek is now saying no we dont want to lease all just an acre, they also stay that they dont have to pay us any interest on our money they are holding stating its suspended, this has happened before to us and my husband made some phone calls and we were paid our money plus the interest it had acquired while in newfields production

Companies are getting much more particular about clear title proof before releasing money. Some companies are more particular than others. Leasing is done by one title opinion company. Royalties are paid based upon a Division Order title opinion which is much more stringent. Coal County is rather difficult to trace title in. If there was a will, it must be probated and a copy filed in the counties where minerals reside. If no will, then the intestate laws much be followed and the proper paperwork filed in the county. There are quite a few topics on the forum regarding the procedures that must be followed.

Canyon Creek was very aggressive in leasing last year, but has backed off for this year. It happens.

thanks, guess we will be contacting Potts law firm then, because it does go by bloodline and his birth certificate shows who his parents are so we do see where this is going, and we do have a lease which is a legal binding contract for the acres stated in contract not what they decided later they wanted instead, so between the pooling court records division orders and the contract and government legal doc of birth parents its all been covered legally, with canyon creek in production for over a year and still dragging their feet so they can collect the interest on the money that is due to us they are leaving us no choice, We have decided to give them a week and then be contacting Potts come next friday, thanks for your input, we had trouble with newfield for back pay and yes they did pay interest on it

my experience with Canyon Creek also was not pleasant we also had to prove we were the rightful owners of the mineral rights even after signing a lease with them. 1 yr later 2 out of 5 family members have received back pay. Get a Attorney

As I mentioned earlier, leasing title opinions are done for a different purpose. They are often not excruciating in detail as leasing bonus amounts are small compared to the big picture of royalties. The operating companies want to tie up the leasing quickly. I am not saying they do not do a good job, just that they want to lease those who “might” have the mineral acreage. Some companies do a more in-depth job than others. Also, many companies may be leasing in a particular area and may have different requirements for their leasing title.

Once a well has been drilled and the royalties are on the line, the ballgame changes. The Division Order is a contract from the operator to pay royalties to the correct owners of the minerals and all those mineral owners have to add up to 100%. So in the case of the Division Order Title Opinion, it is much more rigorous and the detail is much finer as the exact mineral owners must be found and title proved as clear. Some counties have better records than others. Some companies have more staff than others or their title companies may have more staff than others. Clearing title for hundreds and hundreds of owners can be quite tedious especially if families have scattered to different states and folks did not have wills.

That being said, if you think you have clear title and can prove it, then you may need to hire a landman or attorney to sort things out.