Mineral interest in WV

I just recently inherited mineral rights in Lincoln County WV from my late father. I’m having a hard time finding out if the minerals are leased, or exactly where the minerals are. I’m not even sure who the land owners are. What steps do I take to find the information I need? Such as finding a gas company who may be leasing it or finding a map parcel? Or coordinates to the minerals?

start with the county clerk at the courthouse. the deed might be available for you to pay for them to print it for you.

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They told me today that there isn’t a deed for mineral rights. My father passed, I did an affidavit and switched it into my name about 3 weeks ago and was awaiting a deed. I called today to check and they told me that the paper stamped by the notary showing that it was switched from his name to mine was basically my “title” or “deed”.

if youre wanting more substantial find ( this sounds really stupid but ) an honest lawyer.

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I did send a copy of the paperwork to my lawyer. I’ve not heard from him since, this was also around 3 weeks ago. Do I need an attorney who specializes in mineral interests?

an honest one would be better then a specialized one.

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I talked to a company called H3 LLC who picked the interest up when the taxes became delinquent. They have gave me more information than anyone else but are saying they’re wanting to charge for any more information. They say they can point me at an exact area and tract of land, and some other info also.

isnt knowledge worth money?

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It absolutely is. I never questioned that lol

@Kyle_Nuttall I would so appreciate your input on this if you have any, Ive read so many posts where you were able to help folks. I know I’m in with 6 other people in the interest. I do know one of the people that’s a family friend, but I cant locate a phone number and I’m thinking they’ve moved since I was younger. I do plan to ask them if I come in contact with them, but I’m not sure when that would happen. Do you have any insight other than paying H3, LLC for the information they have? Thanks so much for your time!

Depends how much H3 is asking, but I know them and their title people are pretty solid. In all likely hood the property is not worth a whole lot as it is outside of the marcellus and utica shale plays. Maybe in the future it might have some value but that is a down the road situation. It could be producing from an older conventional well, the assessor can tell you if your assessment includes production. If it does, ask for the well information and use the dep website to look up the well. That is the only information you really need unless someone wants to lease you.

The type of lawyer you want for this kind of information is a title attorney. You could also find a laid off title abstractor and that would likely be cheaper, there are tons of them around North Central WV right now since leasing is so slow.

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@dreadpiratetom thank you for the input! I paid the taxes on the minerals, it became delinquent and the H3 LLC picked it up. I do know it was leased out in 2010, and that there are several active wells in the area that Ive found on some oil and gas maps. The woman at H3 says the minerals are in a wealthy area. It seems like I remember dad talking about some royalty checks but I haven’t seen one personally. I think they were asking in the 300$ range and what wasn’t used to hunt information would be returned. The lady I talked to at H3 was very helpful and shared more info with me than anyone has. Gave me a mineral ID number. Told me all the info she could basically without charging she said. I know I share equal mineral interest with 6 other people also and she told me their names. One of which I knew but have no idea how to contact. If I run into her I will ask. But until then I’m pretty well on my own here. All I really have is that number. No tract of land, no parcel, or anything else.

sounds like you needed/became emboldened. keep after it. the people i personally help ( why i dont know ) apear like they couldnt give two craps worth if they stop getting checks.

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@TomHorn I’m completely new to all of this. Thank you so much for your time and info! I don’t know why folks would want to stop getting checks. I’m personally doing all I can to START getting one. I have a ton to study here I realize, and will do so.

@M_Barnes do you have any insight on this?

300 dollars is very very cheap. H3 probably already did the title as part of the notice process after purchasing the tax lien, so they are offering it cheap. Usually you are looking at 750 and up on mineral title in WV, the more difficult the more expensive.

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@dreadpiratetom I’m glad to know that, thank you for that info. I didn’t know if that was a reasonable asking price or anything. I’m positive that they have more info than anyone because every other gas company I’ve called had no prior knowledge of anything at all.