Milestone Energy

Is anyone familiar with Milestone Energy based in Shreveport? We've had a lease offer from them for a small holding in Houston County TX, and I am wondering if they are really drillers or if they are just buying up leases to flip. Thanks for any help an apologies for the cross-listing on the Houston County group.

Did a search on Google for Milestone Energy, lot of hits came up but the one that I found interesting was on this wite: You can check it out but it list them as Buyers of Oil and Gas Royalty's. Nothing else so I tend to think they buy leases and then peddle them.


Thanks for your reply. I checked the site, but found the layout confusing or even misleading. Sandwiched between the minimal info about Milestone Energy is an ad that reads as follows:

Ads by Google

with a hot link for a different company that buys leases and rights

I wonder if that is what you read?

Only after that comes the (minimal) information about Milestone:

"About Milestone Energy LLC

Milestone Energy LLC in Shreveport, LA is a private company categorized under Oil and Gas Exploration and Development. "