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Thank you Wes. Like you, I think the only thing slowing things in Mercer cty is the lack of infrastructure. I believe that the NE portion of the county will be very desirable mineral property indeed.

Sorry , that should have been Northwest, part.

GERALD-RAPID CITY I have land and mineral rights 10 miles south od Golden Valley, N.D Any drilling around there.?

Hi Wes,

Good luck with your minerals in Mercer County. I have a good friend/classmate with minerals under T146/ R89/ S 23, 26, 27


Hey, my friend. I'm glad you found us. Thanks for the good wishes. I called Sinclair yesterday to ask why we haven't received a check yet. I was told they would send a DO out that day so we should have that by Mon. or Tues.. This is the one in Stark I'm talking about. It completed in Aug. Maybe we wil get a check in Feb. or Mar. Sure hope so.


I am new to the mineral discussions I own minerals in Morton County just south of the Mercer county line. Just like to know what is going on in the area.



has anyone heard what the statues of Cirque resources old engine oil well is?

Sean, if you can provide a township and range, I'd be happy to look it up for you and see what's happening in the srrounding area.


I'm afraid you've come up with something I've never heard of. In my experience wells have a short name and a number ie: Jovi 1H, the H standing for horizontal. Anything you can add to the description so that we might be able to help you?
Wes Luke


21284, DRL (April 24, 2012), Cirque Resources, Old Engine Oil 16-4H, Wildcat, Mercer this is all the information I have. I would really like to know if anyone has been on the site and if there is any activity.

Sean, the well was spud 10-24-2011, Cirque drilled it and didn't find what they were looking for. There were low gas shows and they encountered slight oil shows in the middle bakken and three forks. I don't think they completed this well as there was no completion report filed. There was also no cementing report filed. The NDIC has notified that the well is considered abandoned because of no production for more than 1 year. I also saw what was probably the most demanding letter I have ever seen from the NDIC that Cirque reclaim the pits. Sorry, but I think the oil just wasn't there in recoverable quantity for this well.

r w Kennedy,

Thank you for the information does not look like I will be getting a call from any land men. Great Granddad should have homesteaded further to the west.



Sean, there may be hope in the distant future. There is some oil there. They said that it looked like a 6 to 7 foot pay zone, that they thought it could be shoal formation and that they porpoised in and out. If they were right and technology improves and they go with the grain instead o against, you could have something, but that time is not yet. On the other hand, mineral rights dont eat much in ND. You have a point about great grandad, but I usually think I am at fault for picking the wrong family to be born into when considering money, but I wouldn't give up the family I do have for mere money. Best of luck in the future.

I have a section in Mercer. Was told Coal is the better mineral than oil. Thoughts?

Hi Barb,

I'm not sure how to answer your question. For what I know oil is king in ND. I have a 30 acre tract in Mercer and I haven't heard anything about coal there. Who told you that? Are they credible? I'd love to hear about it.



Sorry Barb,

I forgot my manners. Welcome to Mercer County forum. I usually am more friendly. Just ask anyone. lol



BTW, my profile pic is of my late Grandfather that purchased our mineral rights and kept those mineral rights in his will; On day a few years ago I was doing family history research, found his old will and said "what are mineral rights?" Seriously. No one in my family knew what they were either; most thought it meant land lease rights. I called Mercer County clerk who was very helpful to me. We have refiled our Statement of Claim. So hats off to my Grandpa. However, we haven't struck our oil yet. The Coal in Mercer County is from Dakota Westmoreland Corp. I believe they operate Beulah Mine. We signed Lease agreement 1 year ago, expect coal mining exploration 2013 or 2014. We only got a small bonus lease-sign so far. Our section is 23, township 143, range 88. However, DW sent us our anniversary money (every 1 year) in January, so must be serious. But never know what the test drill will discover.

Also mentioned was the Coyote coal electrification plant, on sections 11 and 14 just west of hwy 49. They (Dakota Westmoreland) are cking to see if the coal seam is of sufficient thickness to warrant mining. Doing a drill test, and if is sufficient, to warrant mining 2013; 2014 at the latest. The usual formula for profitability is that ten feet of overburden can be removed for one foot of coal strata. About a quarter of a few miles west of the mine has been mined profitability. However, various tracts further to the west the seams are either too narrow or too deep. So who knows about my section or the surrounding sections.

Our letter is w Mid and Western Resources representing Dakota Westmoreland Corp. but we signed w Dakota Westmoreland. M&W must be a "scout."