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Does anyone receive offers to buy mineral rights from producing wells? I recently received one from Southwest Petroleum for Live Oak County…I am just seeking some feedback on these offers…thanks

I periodically get (unconscionably low) offers for me to sell “ALL mineral rights” for a mere tiny fraction of the producing leases’ actual fair market values. I just hope that some poor senior citizens aren’t ever fooled into accepting these ridiculous, low-ball (but deliberately “official-looking”) offers. There ought to be some sort of a consumer protection law against these kinds of offers…

Is anyone else getting one or more natural gas/crude oil pipeline transmission companies’ “requests to survey” your properties for one or more pipelines? I’d like to know what the current Fair Market Value per linear foot is within the McMullen County/Live Oak County area…

Has anyone else gotten a letter from SEITEL, INC. requesting permission to come onto your McMullen (and Live Oak) County property to do seismic data testing, and paying you $15/acre? They have a 44-square mile Choke Canyon Reservoir 3D Survey going on. Has anyone else been contacted by them – or by other seismic-testing firms like them? What are the pros and cons? Who are they typically working for? Is $15/acre adequate compensation to us landowners? I imagine that their equipment will turn a ranch property’s extensive virgin brush areas into a checkerboard-looking environment…

Good evening. Came across this web site regarding the Eagle Ford Shale play and decided to join. I own an interest in four sections of McMullen County close to the "border" of the dry gas and condensate plays. The mineral rights are currently not leased. I researched the various companies producing in McMullen Co and none make it easy to contact - I suspect they only deal with landmen. Any thoughts on how to get this going?




I have been contacted by Seitel as well. I didn't talk $ with them but told them they would have to use the same senderos that were created last year by Geophysical Explorer. I didn't want any more damage. The senderos weren't too bad. geophysical paid us $30 per acre.


I can get you the landmen for Chesapeake, Petrohawk (Now BHP) and XTO (Now Exxon) if you are interested. Just email me I work for Southwetern Energy as a Division Order Analyst and have contacts.


Rick, sent email, thanks!

Scott, I can refer you to the landman representing EOG who contacted me.

Thanks Lucky; is the email address in your response you or the landman at EOG?


McMullen County Judge talks about activity

Remember to use the private messaging system for contact information.

Good luck to everyone,


Does anyone have a ballpark figure for wellhead oil price? Chesapeake recently spudded some wells and I am trying to get a general idea of what to expect. NW of Tilden 7-8 miles.



Depends on who's the transporter/purchaser and what posting they are using. Gulfmark is hauling our crude and paying us on the FLint Hills Posted price for WTI at EDQ. You can go to their website and look at the crude oil price bulletins. Nov price was $93 and Dec current EDQ is above $96.

I hear that some attorneys think that the Texas Supreme Court will find its way around this appellate ruling as to a McMullen County property owner's dispute with an oil & gas pipeline company.... How much compensation IS a surface owner entitled to receive for "property damages" that occur when a new pipeline is installed?

Greetings, all. Are any of you folks fortunate enough to already be getting any Eagle Ford Shale oil & gas production here within McMullen County? My family's property (located just north of the Choke Canyon Lake) hasn't been drilled yet, but we have hopes that the drilling may start relatively soon. Any information that you can please share as to McMullen County Eagle Ford wells': approximate locations; natural gas vs. gas condensate vs. oil production ratios; initial production rates; production decline info; etc. would certainly be interesting to hear about if it isn't confidential information. Many thanks for your possible help with this Eagle Ford Shale news sharing.

How do I find out what my API number or Abstract number is for my leased land?


What is a reasonable offer for mineral rights in McMullen County?

It all depends, Stephen.... McMullen County is a pretty big county -- and the "value" of its owners' mineral interests will vary: (1) based upon the total acreage that one has to offer (bigger IS better!); (2) based upon the requested owners' royalty interest percentage that one is seeking to retain; and (3) based upon whether the mineral interests are located within the Eagle Ford Shale's oil, gas condensate or dry gas "windows". ("Oil" sells for much, much more than "natural gas", but "gas condensate" sells for prices akin to that of oil and it yields some natural gas which tends to help "lift" more of the gas condensate (oil) up out of the ground for much longer time periods, leading to better yields, long-term.

I'd no expert, but I'd definitely chat with a number of prospective lessees known to be effectively working within your region. Prices of $650, $750, $800, and even more have been recently reported by those leasing their deep mineral rights ... but the geology underneath these properties have doubtless varied. Good luck to you.

Thanks, Andy.

Suppose a company wanted to sell you mineral rights by the acre at $30,000 per acre? A drilling permit for gas has been issued, but no drilling hs occurred. This acreage is in a unitization of 396 acres. The permit was taken out by Talisman. API # 42-311-34605 permit 720896.