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Hello. I have minerals in Sec4, Tn 9N, R16E Any activity?

Hi, I own OGM rights in Section 35, Township 11 North, Range 15 East. Does anyone know if there is any activity there? Thanks

Pat, best way to keep up is to check this site for filings. At least it is an objective place to start.


Also go here BUT LEAVE SECTION numbr blank to see all surrounding sections


Thank you John. Another question for you...How can I find out if there are interested buyers of OGM rights in that area?


Pat, I'd monitor by checking the web sites below and see if any activity shows up.

And, notices show up in newspapers. Not sure the Indian Journal would carry something like that, but maybe.

May be worth while to call the Corporation Commission In OKC and simply ask.


John, Thank you for your help. I'm in CA. Isn't the Internet grand!


Yes, Pat it is very useful . You could even go to goggle earth and look at that land in Lenna, or Stidham Oklahoma .

Trust it is "Sunny" Ca, you are in and not wet cold like it is here.

One of the best ways to know what is going on IS to ask someone who lives in that Section or around it. Everyone knows everyone in Lenna and Stidham and they talk to each other. Most are all related kinfolks one way or the other.


Hi John, Yes, I did google the area, but it has changed since I was last there in 1960 to see my grandparents. I couldn't see the old school house, as a landmark. My aunt passed on in 2012, and I don't know of any other relative there who is still alive. Other family members, who also have a % of the OGM rights on my grandfathers land, live here in CA.

A company sent my sister and I a letter in the mid 90's wanting to lease, but by the time we consulted a lawyer there, they had stopped answering their phone. My aunt did lease to them, but I guess nothing happened. I did write to her daughter in Okmulgee? when I heard that she had died, but my cousin didn't respond to my letter.

I think it might be best if I can find a buyer.

Actually, it is raining here today! Temp is about 65. We need a lot of rain...we are in a very bad drought...haven't had much of a winter. I live in the North/Central valley.

Thank you for your help!


Pat, since your sis was sent a letter, then the land was very likely pooled.

Go to this web site and type in your family name and see what pops up

BTW , not a good idea to sell because once sold gone forever.

I, have some now from Grandparents in Grady and Stephens county and never seemed like it would be active but has became so. He died in early 30's and her in 1946.

I was born in Salinas but early til age 16 lived in Lenna.

I, have perfect recall and photographic memory so I remember everyone there at Lenna or Stidham that I, ever came into contact with.

What old school . Lenna or Fame ?


John, Thanks for the website. I checked it, but didn't recognize any of the names under Lynn.

The old school that I remember was on a corner, North of my Grandparents home. It was a brick building. I remember, when visiting as a small child, we went to the school in the middle of the night. Everyone kept looking at the sky, so I think a tornado was expected. That's all I remember about that night!

I was born in Muskogee, and we moved to CA when I was 9 mo. old, but we went back almost every summer while I was growing up. My grandfather, R.E. Lynn, died about 1962. My uncle, C.W. Lynn, I think, in the late 80's. "Uncle Sam" Lynn was my grandfather's brother. And his son was "Junior" who might still be there, but I doubt if he is still living. They all lived in Stidham. My other grandfather taught at various schools in the area, as did my mother. (Gabbard) C.W.'s wife who passed away in 2012 was Jurlene. Her daughter married a Pittman. Did you know any of them? You might not be old enough to have known them.

Do you remember an old brick schoolhouse?


Yes, Pat I, know most of them. I, am 65 years old. I, know Sam. Besides knowing him , he and I, are both Shriners. Far as I,know Sam is still alive. Haven't seen any notice of him passing in monthly Shriners letter. Jurlene's daughter would be Sharon as I, recall. A tall girl with long hair. In those years at Stidham , I, only heard her say "maybe" 6 or less words ! She worn very lovely dresses and was always clean ,reserved in behavior along with being quiet. In a word demur and so was Brenda Rippy too. The Pittman boy was a grade or two behind me. He too was very tall and about as quiet as Sharon . Steve Pittman as I, recall. We were playing soft ball once over on the West end of the old gym, which has since been raised, and I, tagged Steve and tore the top right hand shirt pocket on his shirt. I, looked at him and he at I, he began to get mad, then after reflection and our eye to eye contact let it go.

I, am not certain about his name because I, never saw it written down. But he was tall, with red hair, just like Sharon. Last time I, saw her she was in the Old History room at Stidham as she sat down in the North East Corner. It was summer time because she was wearing a beautiful summer dress. Her and Brenda Rippy another girl with long hair but more Sandy Red than Red like Sharon's, set there in the same area up against the North Wall. This was in Circa., 1964/65.

Those other names do not resonate with me.

Houston Turner was a good friend. Didn't know it at the time but found out latter he was a distant cousin of my maternal Grandfather.

School house on the corner ? Stidham school house is quiet large and constructed out of Sand Stone. The Fame Schoolhouse sat kinda of the corner. It was 4 miles from Stidam to the South/South East. Whereas, the Lenna Schoolhouse was 4 miles West of Stidham and back to the South/South West but not even close to any corner. Then finally there was another Sandstone Schoolhouse further South of Lenna that was called Happy Holler. It remains to this day, whereas, Lenna burned down and Fame simply fell in from age.

I, have 20 acres there in the Lenna area and will let you know if more development begins. For now the well I, have the 20 acres in is "shut in".



Hi John. I'm 10 years older than you. I wonder if Sam is a grandson of my Great Uncle Sam who would be about 134 if still alive!

All the Lynn men were Masons and Shriners that I know of.

Maybe the schoolhouse was sandstone instead of brick. It was the safest building in the area to go to if a tornado was coming.

My maternal grandmother was a Turner. Maybe we are related!


Pat - collected this information :

3509121377 12209 BOONE 1-35 GAS PA 35 11N 15E Indian CNE4 SE4 NW4
35091213770001 12209 BOONE 1-35 GAS PA 35 11N 15E Indian CNE4 SE4 NW4
35091213770002 12209 BOONE 1-35 PA 35 11N 15E Indian CNE4 SE4 NW4
35091213770003 12209 BOONE 1-35 GAS PA 35 11N 15E Indian CNE4 SE4 NW4

While these have been PLUGGED this should not be understood to mean they are DRY. Something I, learned in another forum. More likely than not the GAS is there just not worth what it costs at this time to recover .

Therefore, I would not sell.


Thank you John. Where did you find this info?

Nat gas is up, considerably, for now. If sanctions are placed on Russia, perhaps it will go higher!


Pat here is the site with the OCC-

go here BUT LEAVE SECTION number blank to see all surrounding sections


Sent a friend request . Pls accept and acknowledge. Then we can discuss family.

Hi Hohn,

I did accept you as friend. I don't participate in facebook or twitter...don't have time!


How come I am getting lease offers in McIntosh during these bad oil times? Any ideas anybody?


Could you please advise where in McIntosh Co. you are receiving offers?