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I recently got an offer asking to purchase my not very old (Nov. 2010) Marshall County oil & gas lease with Chesapeake Energy. I assume that this is good news. Has anyone heard of any pending drilling activity in Marshall County, OK – or as to where I could do research and find out about any proposed oil & gas drilling permits?

My sisters and I just got an offer of $750 per acre - 3/16 royalty for 5-5-5.

Since you’re south of me, I am not sure why special interest. CHK may be interested in holding leases that are about to expire. I think that is the main reason for the 4-5-5 well. I did learn from the Ok Geological Survey expert that there are economical amounts of oil under the old Madill field. It only takes 1 part oil in 10,000 parts natural gas to make a well profitable with today’s oil prices. So if you see a bunch of old wells right around you they might be serious about drilling. If so your choice is to take more money up front or wait for the pooling and spacing order from OCC and choose the highest royalty, or if you have the money, participate in part or all of your acreage. I ran the numbers and decided to participate as much as possible whenever possible. From my research, you have a 5% chance of losing your money and a 95% chance of netting 4 times as much as you get from a standard lease. But a participant does have liability in case of a drilling mess like the Macondo Deepwater Horizon well that spewed into the Gulf for months. One acre of participation will cost in the neighborhood of $10,000. A lot of things to think about. I put more detail down in another exchange on this web site.

4-5-5 was just drilled by XTO. The Oklahoma Corporation Commission website has a database with all drilling applications and wells. It is a little complicated but thorough.

Thanks very much for you info. We’re in Sect. 2, Twp 6 South, 5 East and got a similar offer late last fall from Chesapeake Energy. I assume that they’re looking for dry gas.

It sounds like participation in the acreage can oftentimes be the far better route over the long haul – many thanks for the info.

Thank you Cooper. I am familiar with the county courthouse procedure for lease activity, but thought that there was a more convenient way to determine activity going on in different areas.

I’m needing to look up leasing activity on the OCC website, but don’t seem to be able to locate the page where this info is located within their website. Can anyone help me to navigate their complicated site?

If someone is more knowledgable about the OCC website, I hope they will correct me, but I believe that leasing activity does not show up on the OCC website. Leases are between you and the outfit who wants to pay you for a lease. As far as I know the only way to settle a lease dispute is to bring a civil suit in court. Once an outfit decides to drill, however, they must file with OCC and follow a lot of rules. There are two parts of the website that have information at that point. One has the legal documents, the other has information about the well drilling and production. I have found a lot of information in the county courthouse on leases. You can search the indexes for lease activity in your section and the surrounding sections. You are allowed to take pictures of the actual leases which are filed separately, but not the indexes. You can call the OCC and ask for someone to help with their databases. They have been very helpful to me. Good luck!

I would love to find a more convenient way too! Lots of days and weeks on my feet in the County Clerk offices, guess you have experienced that too. I also have done a lot of web surfing using Woodford Shale Oklahoma. Some companies are pretty detailed about where they are getting good wells. And I still recommend the kind folks who answer the phone at OCC, if there Is a way to track leasing with their database they will talk you through it. I got a guide to using the databases at a NARO-OK meeting a few years ago, you could ask for a copy.

I’m looking for some info on the status of the Castleberry 1-32H in Sec. 32-4S-5E Marshall Co. This well was permitted on 10/05/2011.

Intent to drill: XTO Energy Inc.; Watkins No. 1-3H2 Well; SE1/4 NE1/4 NE1/4 NE1/4 (BHL) of 02-06S-06E; TD 11,650

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Thanks for the info about XTO Energy drilling in 02-06S-06E. Congrats to those XTO Energy mineral rights owners! My family leased drilling rights to Chesapeake Energy in 02-06S-05E. Pardon my naivete, but just how close are these two lease interests geographically? I assume that XTO’s news probably bodes well for those of us in 05E, too? Just curious! Thanks for any light that anyone might please shed upon this…

Your section is straight west six miles on center from Mr. Ayers’s section.

Andy, sadly enough, the only activity going on right now in 6S-5E, that I can see, is some leasing activity. I have not seen any drilling permits issued but remain hopeful that there will be some interest generated, as I own minerals in this township also.


Thanks for the helpful info, Cooper. Godspeed, XTO Energy!

I have interest in section 30 of 4 south and 5 east, One well has been drilled which is the Chapman Ranch well. It looks to be a very good well. It’s production test showed 2500 mcfm of gas and 1666 bopd. I am excited about this one. I should get a division order for it around March of 2013. I also have interest in Johnson county sections 29 and 30 4 south 5 east. Good luck to all. Tom

New to this…but we’ve been contacted by R D Williams Co. about leasing mineral rights in Section 1 of 5S and 4E…southwest qtr. of northwest qtr for XTO.

Anyone have mineral rights near there? I have a lot to learn!