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My family owns mineral rights in Lewis County, WV. I started my own group on this forum, Lewis County, WV, but I'm glad to be a part of your group, too.

Marcellus Shale Group,

I too own minerals in Lewis County WV. I'll look forward to discussion here.

I belong to another forum, , and the current discussion in the West Virginia group is about the WV state legislature currently debating about “forced pooling”. I, for one, am for it.

I own minerals in Ritchie County West Virginia.

I own mineral rights to properties in Potter County, PA and am looking for information, specifically concerning fair market pricing on leasing. Please feel free to contact me.

My property is in Tazewell Co., VA. My concern is the status of a 1977 lease (Gulf Oil). What would be the first research step? I bought the house/land in 08/06 (my great grandparents home) and was never informed of any lease contract. I became aware of it recently when I noticed it was referenced as an exclusion in the title insurance policy. Any pointers are greatly appreciated.

How can I be sure I own the mineral rights on my property

Hi, My grandparents own about 580 acres of natural gas rights in the Liberty and Meade Districts of West Virginia. They have leased some of these acres out to 3 companies. Cheasapeake, Tri-Energy, and Mason-Dixon. Another company in California, which is not affiliated at all with the industry has offered them 500K to buy their mineral rights outright.

My first question is if anyone has any info on how aggressively drilling is going in these districts. I also would like to know if this seems like a fair price. I checked on another forum and someone was selling 8k acres for 3.9 mill, which is a similar price per acre. Does it seem weird that this company would offer a fair market price upfront? Or do they possibly know something we don't? My grandparents are getting old and are having financial problems, but if these companies are going to drill they don't want to sell. Thanks in advance!

My family owns royalty in 4 counties in WV, we have an offer to lease 58.5 acres in Tyler Co. We think the offer is too low, the leasing Co. has told us we could lease to anyone else because this is a new lease that we have been receiving a casinghead rental only for many years. Can anyone help us? We would like to find the other mineral owners on this acres, but we don’t know how.

to Bertie Lou Stringfellow: the way to find other mineral owners on your acreage is to trace your title back to where the oil gas and minerals were severed (reserved) then go forward with that owner. You could start with the Tyler County Courthouse, probably the County Clerk’s office. It would be good to have everybody compare offers and try to work together to get a better offer.

Does anyone know the rig count in Braford Co., PA, Susquehana Co., PA, Sullivan Co., PA, Tioga Co., PA, or Wyoming Co, PA? These counties are major areas in CHK exploration.

  • My wife and I just signed a 5 year lease for 12 +- acres mineral rights to TRANS ENERGY for aprox.$22,400, to include an 18.75 % well- head royalty. This is in Marshall County and a larges from a grand uncle who purchase 250 acrea in Marshal County (Liberty Township) for fifty cents an acre. We tried to negotiate a sweet water fee, at 20 cents a barrel, but Trans Energy refused any water fee. Our negotiations were after the Landsmen's original offer of $6,000 to purchase our 12 acres. Don't have any idea what other relatives have settled on. Our questtion is..Did we do OK ? Thanks for any freply....Curt Lint (age 83)

Just acquired some minerals in Kenawha County, WV. The minerals are leased to CNX until 2013. Anyone know anything about this part of WV or CNX?

Curt Lint, if you use a gross figure Amount of wells on your prop, daily out put production, and cost of PBB oil and then average a monthly sales multiplied by your 18.75% this would be before taxes and expenses forward. Should give you and idea of your NET.

Just a note for Ohio landowners. Chesapeake is moving into eastern aware of this

We have some property leased to CNX, since 2008, and we are happy with them. They have drilled 3 horazontal wells, one with all the spacing on us and 1/2+- of the spacing for the other 2 wells. They are preparing to drill another one soon. Our property in located in Morgan County, TN in the Sunbright Community. They maintain the roads and locations beyond our expectations. They are one of the better companies to deal with. It is interesting to see how the horizontal wells spacing defer from a typical vertical well.

Daniel, thank you for the comments about CNX. Most of my oil and gas experience is in Texas and Louisiana, and I had never heard of CNX. Now I hope they drill our minerals in WV.

Anyone have any first-hand knowledge of Kanawha County, WV?

My family and I are planning vacation in Louisiana, 20+- miles from New Orleans, this year. It would be interesting to see some O&G outside TN, TN is all I have seen up close. Can you suggest anything close to this area that the general public can see? Thanks.

You can also Goggle CNX/Knox Energy/Consol, these are other names that CNX goes by.