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Anyone know what mineral rights in Logan county are leasing for? We have land near guthrie.

Leon -

Do you have the section, township and range?


I have no idea if leasing is occuring in that area but we have the South 1/2 of section 25, 11N 54W and have not found much interest.

Thanks. S-2&11, t-16, r-3. S-12, t-16, r-2.

I have had some interest in one section at 17N, 4W 25. And I have tried to pair that with another section in 16N, 1W, 22 and so far no one has wanted 16. They say there’s no drilling in that area at this time.

I own mineral rights in southeast Logan County, CO. Are there permits in that area and active drilling and, if so, which companies are contracting with mineral owners?

I contacted several operators last year and none had any interest in our minerals in Logan County. S-25 11N 54 W. Any other info such as the operator would be appreciated. Randy dsrtfun@yahoo.com

The Leasing Agents/Brokers are

-Paramount Land Inc(Kansas). Greg Hall 316-461-0745

-Double Eagle(Texas). Kristina Sullivan 405-410-5389

And I heard there's another one from Oklahoma, I don't have any information on them.

I received a letter offering 1/8 Royalties and 30$/net acre from Paramount Land Inc In early July 2012. My property is between illif and Padroni.

I have made contact with them, more details to follow.

I received the same offer. I talked to a few people today near Peetz and both companies are now offering $200/acre and 1/7th royalties. Things changes fast and we all need to get the word out to our neighbors. Also, the first thing my attorney said was to not be intimidated by their deadlines. Deadlines come and go, you can always call them back.

I'm right with you nate. I am planning on contacting my adjacent neighbors this week to see if I can gather any more information/support.

My biggest concern if rights are leased is having a lease that clearly protects my groundwater quality, and provides ridged compensation structure for decrease in quality along with explicit guidelines for how that will be measured.

Before You Sign, learn more about Protecting Your Rights in Oil and Gas Development.

Wednesday August 1, 2012 at 7pm

Peetz Community Center.

Thanks Jenna,

I won't be able to make that.

Any information available if we can't attend, meeting minutes, online resources, etc.?

I will plan to post materials after the meeting.

So, the next big questions for Logan County:

Who is Lincoln Oil and Gas, LLC leasing for?

What is this play for?

Lincoln Oil and Gas, LLC was formed 6/29/2012 and is registered with the Secretary of State but is not an operator per COGCC. Any thoughts or information to share?

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Where did that name come up. Are they looking to lease?

I am new to the world of mineral rights. My family has received a leasing offer for oil and gas from Lincoln Oil and Gas. We own mineral rights in Logan County, CO. The offer is for $75.00 per acre, 1/8 royalty, 5 yr term with option to extend another five years at same acre price. Can someone please advise me on this offer. Sections 01,04,05,14,23,24,30,31

Hello Larisa, I’m glad you found this web page. In my opinion you’re one of the smart ones because I’m shocked how so many landowners do not talk to their fellow neighbors or do absolutely no research to get the latest information when it come to matters like this.

You probably received that offer in early July; however, a lot of things have changed in the last six weeks. $75 is low. In the Peetz, Padroni and Iliff area’s the offers have increased substantially in a short time.

The offer letter is just the beginning of the negotiation process. You need to actively talk with the landman to get the best offer.

Please call Jenna Keller, she’s familiar with the situation in Logan county, and don’t be afraid to hire an attorney like Jenna. In my opinion it’s worth ever dime, because these leases's could affect you and your heirs for decades.

I'm told by Paramount that they have about all they need right now but can buy a little more for $200.00 & 1/7 sound about right? I'm checking for my mother-in-law June Amen from Crook/Sterling