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Oil & gas discussion group for those interested in Leon County, TX. Share your experience regarding lease bonus, royalty rates, drilling activity, and oil & gas news.

This has become a great group to follow. Lots of good activity in Leon County and hopefully it means more royalties for everyone. Let's utilize two of the discussions above to share lease offers and where we see drilling.

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I have approx. 747 mineral acres in the Leroy Boulware survey, A-126,and A-127, in J.P. Copeland survey A-1005 and John Reid Survey A-721 survey in Leon County, Tx. Does anyone know of any drilling activity in the area, and new leases.

There is a video tutorial on the home page which shows you how to check the RRC website for drilled and permitted wells.

What is Halcon Resources up to in Leon County, Texas?

Thank you Clint for posting these approvals to drill. I am trying to educate myself and this information is helpful!

Mr. Liles thank you so much for all the information you are providing to us that have mineral interest in Leon County,Tx. I am still waiting for mineral activity between Hilltop and Marquez, close to Old Flynn Rd.

Again, thank you so much for your interest and sharing.

Linda and R. L.,

I'm glad to be of help to both of you. I'm trying to find a well for both of you. Have a good weekend.

Clint Liles

I recently purchased 99 acres in Leon County with about 60% of the mineral interest. The other 40% mineral interest was originally leased to Bearkat Energy and then sold to Halcon Resources last year. I contacted Halcon to see if there was interested on my ownership and to my surprise they were not interested in leasing my ownership.

Can someone please comment on possible options if I would like to lease out? Would it be possible to lease the property to two different oil companies on the same property? What does this do if one party wants to to drill a well?

Thanks for the help!

I assume Halcon is not holding the lease by production?

That is correct. There is no production on the lease.

Not sure if you are saying Halcon owns 40% of the minerals, but if so, you can try to lease on your own, but most companies will probably want the other 40% also.

There is a Listings section on the bottom of the Home page of this site. A lot of landmen peruse this site.

Yes, the other mineral owner who owns the 40% interest is leased to Halcon; however, I am not. When I spoke to Halcon, they were not interested in my percentage. Could they still pool the property without my 60% interest being leased?

They will not drill if they only have 40% under lease. It probably indicates their interest has cooled since they leased the 40%.

From a friend now living out of state. I can obtain sone details if someone can help.
"My wife was recently contacted by a land man regarding some long dormant mineral rights on some land her mother sold many years ago but retained a portion of the mineral rights. It is in Leon County in East TX. Can anyone give us advice regarding what she and her brother should do. We are sort of inclined to decline and sit on it."


Contact the Leon County Texas County Clerks office and possibly they will be able to help you in your search for information. Here is a link to the County Clerks Office:


Good luck on your search.

Clint Liles

Thank you, Clint!

What might the cxounty clerk be able to tell them? Mineral rights of neighboring properties? Drilling permits?

Cheers, George


The county clerks office may have documents that you can get copies of and also ask the landman for copies of his documents that he has gotten from the county clerks office to confirm what he has told you.

George, there is a lot of drilling going on now in Leon County. I can send you copies of drilling permits since January 1, 2013 if you would like. Some very good wells are being drilled in Leon County. Don't "decline and sit on it"-you might regret it financially.

George for drilling permits email me at: clint1@dsdd.com

Clint Liles

Hello, new to the forum. Any activity in the Elijah Allen survey or Joel Langham survey? My current lease ends in Nov. with a 2 yr. option. A. Sommer