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Depending on location, size and quantum of mineral ownership in the tract leases could bring as much as 25% royalty, $2,500/nma for a 3 year lease. 2/25/2011

What is the going rate of royalty & bonus in Lavaca County area anyone please advise me. Thanks,S.

Our land situated on N.W. of Lavaca Co. behind the KC Hall in Shiner hill. We have 100% mineral & surface rights. A couple of leasing companies offered $1,750/ac/3yr primary plus option to renew for 2 yr at the same price & the royalty is 25%. Both leasing companies told us that underneath of our land has a lot of oil & wet gas. However after read the leasing company’s terms & contract, I won’t sign it. Now I am looking for an expert in oil & gas attorney. Good referrals from this Forum site but all are practice in a distance from us. We have a well established pasture land with Coastal Bermuda grass & Ball Clover and pure bred Re Brangus cattle have been grazing for over 10 yrs. Any advise please. Best regards, S.

$1750/acre and 25% sounds like the going rate. Make sure your company is a major player. I used Attorney Jessie Allen in Hallettsville. He has done hundreds of these leases, and will give you the best advice. Right now there are so many places leased and options will be coming due and running out. I heard leasing is really slowing so they can catch up with the drilling, or ensuring most of their leases are in a pool. you don;t want to wait too long to get your acerage leased in my opinion. I was am n early leasee and only received $300/acre…options expiring soon, already had seismic done late last Fall. Property west of FM 957 by Breslau.

Have just been contacted by small player, 68.5 acres 8 miles N. E. Hallettsville. They are offering maybe $375 and acre at 1/5. 3 year lease. This company already has 2 wells in Lavaca Co. That is low looking at this forum. Please advise.

Allen and Allen out of Hallettsville (attorney) I did not wind up using them because we opted to not retain a lawyer, however they are very familiar with leases going on in the area… if nothing else it is a place to start. They are located down the street from Geo Southern’s office and are very faimilar with their company …

If I hired a Landman, is it possible for him to determine at the courthouse what amounts of money have been paid for leases, in certain leases, and particularly what a certain company has paid. Need some more advice. Thanks

I just found out about the Eagle Ford Shale, last week. I have property and mineral rights outside of Hallettsville, along with my cousins. We have not been approached by any company, that I know of. Would anyone know why?

We have mineral rights in Petersville and have been contacted by Conoco.

Is Conoco a good company?

Thank you,


60 minutes did a piece on Eagle Ford “Shaleillionaires”. Go to their website and read this in case you missed the show. Maybe we will all realize a windfall from the anticpated production in our area. This Mineral owners website is highly educational.…

Perhaps this is not the correct forum; please let me know if not. What I would like to know is whether there has been any lease activity in East Lavaca County–that is, East of Hallettsville. I own mineral rights, but not the top.

Thanks mr ml have a good attorney will sit on it and wait for lease would like 3 yr lease sister and I have right at 200 acres together both leases up soon

to S foeh. Ihave been contacted by siesmic co and they are offering 15 an ac. Ihave an active lease with 2 1/2 yrs to go on first option. I have an attorney who is advising me , haven’t signed anything yet and believe I am going for a higher rate per ac.

I also am courious about any future activity on the east side of Lavaca county, more so along the Lavaca Colorado line south of Sheridan.

Has anyone been approached by a seismic company named Seidel data in the Moravia area and if so what is the rate of payment I have been offered 15 per acre for seismographic survey 5 year lease is expiring next month have had some talk of 1000 to 1200 but no definate offer

You do not want to allow the seismic unless you have an active lease. One expiring in 1 month will not be active for long…and it will take them up to 6 months just to get started with the testing. If they test you, and your land does not look good, so long any more leases !! So contact your present company to get a new lease, or get with either Geosouthern, Cypress or Ominex for an offer. should be around $1000/acre try for a 3 year only no option and 25% royalty. Extra 2 year option or a straight 5 years and they will go to others first since you are locked for 5 years again. Make sure you see an attorney on your seismic, your attorney will definitely add an addendum that will protect you. do NOT sign the permit the company gives you without this…you would be sorry if you did !!!

Thanks John not signing looking to release who r u leased with have been on contact with cypress

I wish I knew when geo Southern would drill in northwestern lavaca! I see other companies drilling practically next door!

S foeh I have a3yr lease with Cypress which has a 2yr option. My experience with them was good. Received check a signing.