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I am wondering about the pooling clause. Sounds as though they could pool a tiny portion of my acres and tie up the whole area if the tiny part pooled is producing. Is this corect and how should that clause be handled?

I am not anywhere near being an expert and am learning. I have researched a lot and find some great info. Here is a link to Buddy Cotten;s comments on pooling. I find he has some great info.

Thanks for your help Laura’

Depends on if you have a PUGH clause or favored nations clause provision in the lease for your pooling. I agree with Laura, read up on what Buddy’s got to say. It’s not a “bad” thing, but you want to be leased before it happens. And you want to definitely be covered if only a portion of your land is being utilized.

Were you able to find out more about the pooling>? If so, please share with us what you’ve learned.

where is the injection well going to be located in LaSalle county?

At what point after fracking is completed are division orders given to mineral owners?

Soon , I hope …

It depends upon the completion of the lines. We have two wells complete, (as of June and July) but no division orders yet. Petrohawk is not testing the wells as they are waiting for completion of the pipeline. ...hopefully soon.

If there is any type of dispute over minerals , sometimes the company will use that as an excuse to delay paying royalties and sending out division orders , it’s money / interest in their pockets…


Unless your lease shortens the time period, they have 120 days after first sale of oil and gas to pay your first check. Best practice is to start bugging them for a division order as soon as you know the well is completed.

My family recently (Sept, 2011) leased mineral rights under 823 acres of La Salle and Dimmit counties to Chesapeake do I go about finding out the status of the oil exploration on this property? The lease was to extend from September 2011 for three years..with an option to extend for two years. I know nothing what, if anything, is being done on the property.

This is to Margaret Rucker. My lease with EOG signed Nov 2010 the terms were simular to yours. They didn't drill to my knowledge until sometime in 2011 and I didn't receive my first royalty check intil March 2012.

There is a video on the Home page of this website that shows you how to navigate the RRC website and check permits and production in your area.

Wade the first sale of oil was Dec. 4th, some of us have 60 day with a 30 day grace clause.As of today no division orders, I have been bugging the oil co. since late Dec. or early Jan. Do they pay royalties without orders being signed.If they don't meet the time frame? What recource do I have if they don't?

How do I find out if drilling has occurred on our property? LaSalle county A-285 H&Gn Rr Co Survey I.&, A-374 I&Gn Rr Co Survey I.&

Bob, Unless your lease shortened the time period, they have 120 days from first sales to start paying royalties. If your lease shortened the time period, read it carefully as to what your breach of contract remedies are. Generally better off to get the checks started, however. They will not cut checks without a signed DO, generally.

This is for Margaret Rucker. We signed a lease with Chesapeake 2 1/2 years ago. If you call Chesapeake's main number they can tell you who your "Landman" is. That's the person at chesapeake that's assigned to your lease. He/she could tell you what the activity/timetable is for your lease. Also, here is the website at the Texas Railroad Commission for drilling permits. It gets updated daily so ckeck back to the beginning of your lease. Our 1,000 acre land in La Salle County was permitted for 5 wells last spring and the first one was drilled in August.