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I recently received an offer to buy our minerals in 19N-6W Kingfisher Co., OK. That indicates to me there may be activity in the area. Can anyone confirm? Thanks.

Don’t recall the name of the company. Offer was for $ 750/a. Our acreage is in a ‘unit’ currently operated by Hinkle Engineering for wells drilled by Conoco in the 60’s. Ward took a farm out in '93 and drilled two Cromwell wells which have not produced in several years. As of last year they had not been plugged.

About 3 months ago we received offers on 17N-8W from Tread Energy and Chesapeake for $500 per acre. A few weeks later while we were negotiating, Chesapeake withdrew its’ offers in the area. Tread’s offer stood.

What have you been offered and by whom?

I hope someone can give me some guidance on this, I have a mineral deed that I received from my mother a long time ago( 19 years). It has my previous name and address on it. I had not thought about this deed in quite a while until Longfellow contacted me with a division order. It took a long time to get to me because I had divorced and remarried and moved three times since then. My deed is on file at Kingfisher County how do I update the name and address on my deed?

Kris Call the County Clerk at 405-375-3887 and tell them what you need . Have the book and page number stamped on the old deed when you call .

Hi Ron - Thank you for your reply. I should have mentioned I did call and spoke to a very nice lady but she did not know which form I should use. They do not have forms available to view or download on their site. I have heard two different things one is an affidavit of name change and the other is a quit claim deed. I don’t know which one is the right document and where can I download an Oklahoma form? Are they the same? I live in California. Thank you for your help.

If you want to call me I will see if I can help. Send me a friend request and I will send you my #.

Several members of my family inherited this, now i need someone to expain to us what we have in Kingerfisher Co. Chesapeake. Twnsp 16N, Range 8W, Section 32: E/2 SE/4. Thru 9/27/2014.

There is also Marathon. twnsp 16N, Range 8W Section 34: NW/4. Do not have a date on this one.

Teresa More then that is being paid for leases. So I guess they would give $900 to buy . If you want to give me the name on the lease I can look them up and see what you have .

i have been contacted by Vision Minerals, LLC, out of Ardmore, OK, requesting to purchase my mineral interest in Kingfisher County, OK. They are offering $900 per mineral acre. The location is Section 32, Township 16 N, Range 8W. is that a fair price or what is a good selling price for that area?

Thank you for the reply Ron.

I don’t have the lease with me, but i believe it was Matti. the lease is through Chesapeake. what would be the average lease price you mentioned?

Teresa In the sections south of you in the pooling order the Oil Co . was ordered to offer $1,100 for 1/8th ,1,000 for 3/16 of 700 for 1/5th. Newfield just started some new drilling around you . How much are you wanting to sale ? I would do a lot or research before I sold . Was it Lois I Mattie ?

i would also like to know about the lease and sell price of Section 34 - 16N - 8W NW/4 also in Kingfisher county.

Wow, that is very interesting. the letter said “$900 per mineral acre, if you have 3/16”. it was part of a family inheirance, i would think it would be Blanche or Franklin Matti, but i will check it when i get home. the total royality check is between $5000 and 8000, but it is split between so many people that my share is usually less than a $500 per year. it says i have 6.664 acres.

Can you tell me anything about the selling price of the mineral acres in

6 - 15N - 8W Lot 2, SW4NE4, Kingfisher county?

thank you again for all the information you have provided.

i have interest in 6 different sections in Kingfisher county i am interested in selling. How do i find out what a fair price is and how do i contact a buyer?

Kingfisher: Hinkle Oil & Gas Inc.; Bullis No. 2-10H Well; S1/2 S1/2 S1/2 SW1/4 (SL) of 10-17N-06W; 268 barrels oil per day, 801,000 cu-ft gas per day; TD 11,880.

Hinkle Oil & Gas Inc.; East Hennessey Unit No. 213H Well; SW1/4 SW1/4 NE1/4 NW1/4 (BHL) of 28-19N-06W; 151 barrels oil per day, 348,000 cu-ft gas per day; TD 11,496.

I own 60 acres of minerals and surface rights on 160 acres of land two miles west of Loyal, one south and a half mile west on Sec 16, Township 17N, Range 9 West. I just got an offer to lease my minerals from Jackforth Land Co for $400 an acre plus 3/16th. That’s what CHK was offering a year or so ago when they were leasing everything up. I held out and the Aubrey blowup happened and they withdrew their offer. Now apparently they are back tieing all the loose ends before they start production with the Chinese company they teamed up with. Has anybody seen lease offers lately, and if so, are they higher than this one?


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