Kem Ranch well fracturing

Wow! I wonder how it will affect the well. I hope everyone’s ok.

They may do a zipper frac which means that they do one particular A function on one well, move over to the next well and do A, while the crew moves in to do B on the first well, etc. You can look it up online.

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Appears that zipper fracturing is a good thing – “This shaves days off the time it takes to complete a multiwell pad. But the big prize may be that zipper fractures are increasing initial production and estimated ultimate recovery rates…”

Doing a zipper frac saves millions of dollars in completion costs. Instead of doing one well at a time, calling out frac crews five times (for example), hauling water, chemicals and machinery five times, they do it all at once and save MANY days of operations plus tons of logistics costs.

Thank you for the information; how exciting!

5-25-2022 Sunday afternoon pic… KEM Ranch wells