Kem Ranch well fracturing

Hello Don Bray, Just wondering if you have been by the Kem Ranch wells in 24/25 4n6w recently and if it is possible to tell if fracturing has occurred. Thanks for any info.

Rick, I’m out there weekly. They have set the tanks and the separators are there. We were told their finishing up. I have pics if you would like.

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That’s pretty cool you’re out there @Robbie_Johnson Those big frac jobs are impressive

Hello Rick, glad that Robbie has checked on the wells. I haven’t been down that way in over 6 weeks.

Thanks for checking.
Was anyone paid on KEM Ranch 1 in 2020 or 2021? It was going great guns for 2017, 2018, 2019. I was auditing my wells and didn’t get paid. I totally understand if they shut in a short time during COVID price drop or a frac, but was wondering about the missing payments for the earlier time frame.

June 2021 sale volumes were about half of the May 2021 sale volumes. So guessing well was shut-in around the middle of June 2021. Volumes those sale dates were: Gas - 20,962… NGL’s - 64,328… Oil - 1,118… all volumes about half of what May was.

My next royalty checks for the KEM Ranch 1 was for small sale amounts of gas and NGL’s for Oct. 2021. And I do mean small. Could have been just checking the valves… gas volumes were 615 and 674… NGL volumes were 2,234 and 2,202. All for Oct. 2021.

Martha, We received 8 payments in 2020. The January payment was a 22 page " check stub " covering the period for February 2017- 2019.(?) Then for 2021, 7 checks, with the last one for September. Nothing since. I don’t know if that helps.

Robbie, yes, pictures would be nice.

Thanks. Time to go chase that operator down. Always try to check all my wells at tax time. Was too busy fixing plumbing leaks from the ice storm last year, so running behind. Was a good bit of chaos from COVID staff shortages, ice storms, mergers, bankruptcies, slow pay, no pay.

Correction, 10 checks in 2020 and 8 for 2021.

I’m wondering if other mineral owners on 24-4N-6W recently received the Marathon court documents for the new 5 wells?

This mineral owner has minerals in 25-4N-6W and I received the OCC documents for the 5 wells.

Not sure but it appears they have not fracked any of the 5 wells yet.

Marathon is fracking 5 Gretzky wells first. Will begin fracking the KEM wells towards the end of next month.

Re:KEM Ranch well. I stopped receiving checks forever ago. It was due to a very large overpayment. They didn’t send out letters explaining anything. But, I called and asked how much monthly checks are that’s applied to balance regularly. Folks this was a huge amount and from what I remember not everyone was affected. (Lucky me) My sister and I own equal amounts and thru the years my checks may be more and vice versa. Currently, there is a 1500 or so difference in our balances.

I just contacted them as well and they said that we were also in recoupment status and it would take 60-90 days for review. Fairly important to know where we stand because the new wells will be coming online shortly. We haven’t been paid since mid 2019! Time to go find that last statement and check it against the Division Order.

KEM Ranch Well Taken about 2months ago


Evidently, I don’t know how to post a pic on this forum. My last post was a pic of KEM Ranch well and It won’t open. Sorry about that To whomever wanted pics.

Hi Robbie… My IPhone has a upload icon arrow for pictures directly to the right of the “Post this Reply” button. Looks somewhat like this: :arrow_up:

Here is a pic of the rig on location from October 2021…

Don, thanks for the pic and your time.

Any updates on Kem Ranch wells, fracking & DUCs (24-04N-06W)?