Karnes County drilling information

“I own 140 acres on Fm 204, 1/2 mile north of Falls City Texas and on the west side of highway 181 and in Karnes County not Wilson county, FM 204 is the county line. I’ve noticed on the RRC website that there seems to be no drilling going on in that small area. EOG (my land was leased in 2008) has most of that land leased but no drilling. Does any one know why EOG is not drilling in this area? I have tried calling them but no response.”


There could be several reasons that no drilling has occurred on this acreage including the following; seismic testing results not impressive or EOG is drilling on a schedule based on lease expiration dates (if you had a 5 year lease it would most likely expire in 2013). If your lease is nearing expiration, it is possible that you will be contacted in regards to a lease extension or a top lease offer. If this is the case, I would allow the current lease to expire and negotiate a new lease. By all means, if this occurs, take your time and review the current rates for your mineral area.