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I own mineral interest in several parcels under T5S and R4E, 5E, 6E. Seems to be lots of activity in these areas. Anyone have interest in this township that your interest are not leased at this time?

OCC has issued a permit to drill on 08/07/2012 for Sec. 29-4S-4E for those with mineral interest in this section of Johnston County.

Spud report issued for the Hagood 1-22H well on 08/13/2012. XTO Energy is the operator.

What action is anyone seeing in sec. 10-4S-5E in Johnston County. My lease is due to expire December, I hard heard of some leasing at the end of 2011 but not heard anymore. Seemed like Chesapeake was positioning to drill with the lease action at that time

XTO now has a permit to drill in 29-4S-4E which I have an interest in. Has anybody heard if anyone has had any luck up in that area?

Sally, the only thing that I'm aware of is a well spud report for the Camp Creek 1-29H in Sec. 29-4S-4E on 08/29/12. XTO is drilling this well also.

I hope this is of help.

We own leases in 29-4-4, which XTO is currently drilling. We like the section and would buy minerals in it. We are not to sure about 28 & 27. They appear to be east of a fault line and in town. We have been reluctant to buy in 28 & 27 up to this point.

Johnny, concerning your post about Sec 10-4S-5E. I see there was a lot of leasing in this section during 2012 mostly by Chesapeake and R.D. Williams. However, according to the OCC website there have been no permits to drill issued so far this year to drill in Sec 10. Drilling permits have been issued in the south side of this township, in Sec 28.

Alan, my mineral interest in Sections 27 & 28 have been leased until 2014, so there is some interest in these areas. I would be interested in buying more minerals under 27, 28, or 29 if they were available.

Don, sorry I have been out of town. We also would buy minerals in 27 & 29. We just have reluctant to buy any additional leases in these sections. My group does not want to buy leases and hold to them. If we buy we want it to be ready to be drilled. We pay a premium for leases that are ready to be drilled.

Don, That is what I was seeing as well, just looked like maybe with some of the first time leases in the section they were positioning to drill before some larger leased properties have to be renewed.

Does anyone know if XTO has started to drill their well in Section 29? Thanks

Sally, what is the legal description.for this well?

Don, the legal description of the well is 29-4S-4E. Any info is greatly appreciated. Sally

I assume that you are referring to the Camp Creek 1-29H. The Spud report was issued on 8-29-2012 (drilling began) and there has been no Completion report issued as of today.

Don, Thanks for the info. Any information is always appreciated.

You're very welcome Sally and I will try to update this post with any news I hear.