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Hi Jennifer5–I’m glad you’re getting daily emails. I just now went back to the Stephens County Mineral Rights Forum, but didn’t see anywhere to hit “watch”. Pls let me know what to look for. That would be progress, but I still can’t imagine why anyone would want to reduce the forum to such a restricted, difficult format. Also, who authorized them to do it? I think some new group must have taken over and felt they ought to make some big change to make their mark. Never has the "not broken, don’t fix it " saying more accurate.

@Jennifer5 here are the exact instructions showing you how to “follow” things: [IMPORTANT] How To Manage Your on-site Notifications (and emails about activity)

When you adjust these settings, they take place immediately - there is no waiting period.

@Kathlyn_McCaughna see the post above for a link to instructions.

But where do I find the site on which I can “visit that category” etc etc. ?? The only thing I’ve found is the “Welcome to the New Mineral Rights Forum”, which has “getting started” etc. I am an existing member and got a new pw, but don’t see any place to choose categories or click on “watch.” Is it maybe the cdt (whatever that is) update re private messaging? When I went through the “getting started” bit a few weeks ago, I was expecting instructions on how to post, etc. But there was nothing helpful.

Jennifer and the rest…I am back on here for the first time since the new system. I’m as confused as the rest and had decided it just wasn’t worth the trouble. But I’ve really missed our daily talks on the forum so I tried again. I also miss the daily emails and wish they would start back. I HATE CHANGE…give me back the old forum please!!!

Someone please tell me what to do when I want to comment on a county group/category or whatever!!!

Hi Linda, It’s great to see your name in my email again. I can’t tell you how to navigate this new system. I’ve pretty much given up. I don’t mind change as such, but when an easy-to-use, informative system is replaced with such an awkward, user-unfriendly one I detest it. And their instructions seem to have been written either by a robot, or by someone whose first language is something other than English. Also, it seems we’re able to see only a tiny fraction of the questions, comments etc that we used to get. If you & others manage to figure this out, please let me know. My email is

@Kathlyn_McCaughna and @Linda_Rigtracker, have a look at this Topic [IMPORTANT] How To Manage Your on-site Notifications (and emails about activity) within the Getting Started section. I think you’ll find it speaks directly to your needs.

Thanks for your patience as we execute on this transition.

Nope, sorry, still can’t access the daily emails like I was getting before. Wish it had never changed. So frustrating!

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@Linda_Rigtracker I sent you a PM in order to help.

Kenny what is a PM?

Is there a way to see PMs that I have sent? I’m trying to find out if I actually sent one or if it just hasn’t generated a reply. Thanks.

I got it


Click your avatar, then the envelope icon below.

That’s my same question Daniel. Once I typed my response and hit the message button it wouldn’t let me hit the save button and I don’t know if it was sent or still in a draft somewhere.

What is an avatar?

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It is up in the right hand corner. Mine has my initial M on it. Some people have their picture there. Yours is probably the cutie with the button nose.

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At the top right of the page/window is a magnifying glass, three horizontal lines and a circle (with or without your/a picture) Click on the circle…on that page click on the envelope icon…then look on the page for the word “SENT” on left side. Click on “SENT” and you will see messages you have sent. Hope this helps…it took a bit of digging to finally find it.

Hi Martha–It’s good to see your name on the forum again. I too have a stupid question: How do I post a message? I did it once a while back, I think just by guesswork, but don’t remember how I did it. And I don’t see anything in the “instructions” about how to do it. I guess I could try “discobot” but I’d rather get the info from someone who can tell me in basic English.

The question I want to post is whether anyone knows what’s happening with the class action suit against Continental Resources. Thanks. Kathy McCaughna