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I haven’t posted in a while. Now, with this new system, I have no idea what I’m doing; haven’t been able to find anything that looks familiar. No comments, nada. I put in my email and a new pw, but then never found anywhere to enter them. My email is kathok@comcast. So if anyone reads this, I’m be grateful if you would just email me with info on how to find the forum & than how to post etc. Thanks.

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I’m not opposed to learning a new system, but this one is quite the challenge. I’m lost too! I miss my daily emails with new postings in my OK counties. I’m having withdrawals from my buddies in the Oklahoma forums. We had a great group and now I can’t figure out how to use this new system. This forum helped me greatly and now we just need help figuring out how we can use this one! Help us learn how to get daily emails / new posts from our specific counties in Oklahoma… Help!


Hi Jennifer5-- I’m glad you saw my message. But I don’t know how you did it! I still haven’t found the column. I agree about having withdrawals. I hadn’t posted in a long time, but had often just eavesdropped. Then suddenly, BAM, this horrible new system! Nothing should be this difficult. There must be some way we can protest to whoever is in charge. You and I can’t be the only people who can’t figure it out.

I put in email, got a new pw, but there were no instructions from there…Yes, if anyone is out there, HELP!

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Up grades are supposed to be improvements and make things easier. Thanks for posting this, I too am lost. Hopefully the administrators will take note ….

And as a follow up, I tried to post this and all that happens is a scroll. Is it the blue reply button with the back arrow? Come on you guys. The old system worked very well…

Hey there! Not from your group actually from the old howard county tx group. I too am missing the groups something fierce!! I honestly dont think they realize how much we enjoyed the “groups”…categories are NOT the same!! I saw one post from the tech guy where he didnt think we wanted all the emails!! I liked my emails!! I have seen so many ask for the groups back :pensive: In their defense I do think they are trying & listening. They helped me recover information I needed!! On the bright side I’m learing about other states & other counties lol

Hi Nikki–It’s nice to hear from someone. One other person, Jennifer, replied to an earlier post. But I can’t believe that there isn’t some way to see the forum as we did in the past. After all, the definition of “forum” is marketplace, meeting place, open discussion, etc. Now there seems to be none of that. Please let me know where you have seen the comments asking for the return of the groups; I haven’t seen that anywhere. I tried to sign up for the new system, put in a new pw, etc. But there was no “continue”, nada to tell me if I needed to do something else, etc. I was just left hanging. What group of misguided bureaucrats decided to ruin a popular, useful thing???

Thanks for the moral support Ron. Maybe is enough of us complain, something will be done.

well see thats part of the problem!! I literally had to scroll through EVERY post to find a couple to give you…ridiculous!! check post Problem with posts now listed by title only will copy a few more

Hey, @Nikki_Ellison. You’re now watching the Howard County group, so you should be receiving those emails.

Can you say more about what’s not the same?

Sorry you’re frustrated @Ron_Doke. When you post a new reply, your reply posts at the bottom of the topic and you scroll down to the bottom so that you can see that your message was posted. I think that’s what you’re describing when you say “all that happens is a scroll”, but I’m not entirely sure.

I’m not sure what you’re referring to here. You can do a search to find posts within a topic. In the long “archives” with hundreds of posts in some categories, scrolling through all of them is the price of having long streams of unrelated posts.

Actually if it was only under 1 stream thats the only one I would need to scroll!! I would love for the admin to start a stream on Howard county like they have on others. Maybe this would help! I honestly think there is a lot of good here can see many topics I didnt see on the other just NEED/MISS the group stream!!

You’re welcome to create such a topic, @Nikki_Ellison. If you would like it pinned to the top of the category, let me know or “flag” the topic as “something else” and @Kenny_DuBose or I will pin it for you.

I remain befuddled how a meandering topic with dozens or hundreds of unrelated posts is better than more focused topics with fewer posts. Also, when you scroll to the bottom of a topic, you get a list of recommended topics in the same category.

The search function is very powerful and usually does a good job of finding what you’re looking for, in a topic, category, or the whole site.

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Ok I started one not sure if its right but if so please do your thing!! Also, thank you it has not gone unnoticed that you are really trying to help us out!!!

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Can I assume that this came from pfaffman? This is an example of my concern about the new format. It’s hard to follow. There is no time associated with the different emails and it’s hard to see who is writing/answering who.

Techs/geeks/admin know what goes, but the rest of us are in the dark…

Where? What’s the title? Could you share the link to it? Or click the :black_flag: icon to bring it to the moderators’ attention?

Sorry you’re confused, Ron. Here’s what your message looks like in my gmail; it’s pretty clear that it came from you.


Ok I just tried to flag & it came back error on my part :woman_shrugging:t3: Please let me know!

Can you say more or send me a screen shot?

yall already fixed it!! thx

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I am now getting the daily emails when someone leaves a post in my counties. I don’t know for sure how that started happening- went back in to each county and hit “watch”, I think, and the emails started 2 days later. This is awesome! Still not as good as old system, but this is progress! Linda---- where are you? Hutch— you out there?

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