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Have mineral rights leased in 8-1N-22W. Any news on any drilling or pipelines being built in this area?


Not to sure on that one, just leased sec 9 1n20w, these folks looking to reenter old existing wells(mostly oil). Name is Fulcrum Exploration. The leases to the west and south are mainly for the deeper barnett and Atoka play.

Fulcrum has been very active in Tillman County. They have drilled approximately 16 wells south of Frederick around the airport.

They have drilled and completed a well on our land in that area. We have been very impressed with Fulcrum. They do exactly what they say are going to do.;

If you go to the Oklahoma Corp. Commission web site, click on the new well division, then click on Tillman County and type in Fulcrum, it will bring up all their wells. The completion reports are there for each well.

Thanks again Susie. We gonna have to put you on the forum payroll. Trying to pull up something on the Texas RR commission sometimes is a forever process and sometimes never get results.

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If you're interested in whats going on in Oklahoma, another good site is http:newsok.com. It is the Daily Oklahoman site. Click on Business, then energy, then oil and gas prices.

It lists all the drilling permits and completions filed with OCC by county.

The report is printed Tuesday through Friday and it takes 3 or 4 weeks for a permit to show up on this site but it is very interesting. Some of the completion reports in the Panhandle and Northern Oklaoman are staggering!!


We'll definitely get together next time I go to Vernon. Fixin to check out the Daily Oklahoman web site. You're just full of good info. Thanks again.


Hey fellow Okies, long time lurker finally joined. I have mineral interests in 2S 23W. We are leased now and just extended for two more years. What are the going rates on lease bonus's now on new leases?


welcome to the forum.

Here is a link to a question about Jackson County drilling.

Shows a map of activity in the area.


Very interesting Susie. Thanks.

The map IS interesting but I know 2S 23W has some intents to drill on the Oklahoma Corporation site. Any info on future drilling??

Looking forward to participating in this Jackson County Discussion group.

Ginny and I do not have a well yet but have been paid damage fees for Virginia1 in section 17. GBL says they have an rig coming in a couple months but have we no idea where they will be drilling. Ginny was a Mitchell.

Not much news:

Patterson-UTI Energy Reports Financial Results for Three and Twelve Months ... MarketWatch (press release) As we now see it, increased activity in oil and liquids rich areas, driven by high oil prices, is likely to offset most if not all of the rigs and pressure pumping equipment that may become available as a result of lower natural gas related activity. See all stories on this topic »

I'm sure this is not news to people in Jackson county.

2/8/2012 2:44:00 AM Jackson County OKs gas pipeline
Jackson County Commissioners this week approved two installation permits that would allow a Texas company to construct an underground pipeline and ship natural gas from several developed wells near Eldorado into Texas.
The permits along with right-of-way easements approved by several area landowners would allow Irving, Texas-based Medallion Midstream to begin construction of a pipeline in as little as two weeks.
Dana Amaya, vice president for business development at Medallion said initial plans are to build an eight-inch pipeline as well as a small processing plant in Hardeman County, with plans to expand as the economic conditions allow.
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Edgar. Thanks for info. That is good news for us that don’t live in Jackson Co. and this Forum keeps us in the loop. I believe the oil/gas is there we need pipelines like this to unlock it. Keep the info coming.

My family has 25 separate interests in Jackson County. They are all in 23W, 22W and 20W. I currently have an offeran interest in 35-1S-23W. What is my best resource to see what leases, in the area, have recently been offered and at what price? I have a huge learning curve with regards to mineral rights and I'm trying to do the best for my family. I want to negotiate, but I'm not sure how much to counter offer with. Most recent offer was for a holding in 35-1S-23W. I know there is a lot of activity just south of there, but that's all I know. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

An additional resource is the Tulsa World (newspaper) site. From the home page go to the business link, then scroll down the center of the page to the "oil and gas drilling activity" link.

An example of the report is dated Feb. 7th. They pull their information from the same source as the Daily Ok. (http://www.oil-law.com/)

They keep a running total for about 3 weeks at a time for all counties in the state.