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Frank nice to see traffic on this county. Any info on H.M. Childress lease A-1909? I think it is HBP producing from a shallower formation.

IS any one getting any offers in Jack County? We recieved one today for $200 per acre/ 3 years and 20% royalty

I received an offer of $175 per acre - 3 years with an option for 2 more years at the same rate with 3/16 royalty. We are in the W.H. Little Survey, A-1401. We just inherited these mineral rights and have no idea what a fair price would be and we do not want to be taken advantage of. Any advise or feed back would be greatly appreciated.

Ricky, I just received the identical offer, on AT Smith A-2175 parcel..?? WE also just inherited the mineral rights, 160 acres = 3 acres per person..??? Doesn't sound like much, but I don't what or how to determine the market value..!!!

We accepted the offer of $175 per acre. I did a lot of research and this appeared to be the going rate from most of the recent leases I was able to find. Very few were more and if so not by much. We have a drywell on our place and a lot of non-producing wells around it, so I considered it lucky that someone wanted to make another attempt. We will see if things pan out.

Thanks, it just seems strange to me, that they will pay thousands for a 1 acre lease here in Ft Worth, and $175 in Jack co..??? Does anyone out their know the difference between a lease in Ft Worth and one in Jack Co..??

It is all about what they are drilling for. Ft Worth, wise etc. Is the money zone for Barnett shale. Ask the person requesting lease who they are buying for and planned drilling levels/formation

So far they have said that it's in the western zone of the Barnett Shale, and they have four permits (oil &gas)..??? Do they have to get a new lease for each well, and surely royalties are paid on each well, but negotiated per each well..??

Anyone have any interest in the Ruth Wells? Inherited a minimal interest from my mom and things seem to be happening the past 6 months there

Debbie, do you know the legal description of where your minerals are (Survey and abstract #)?

I have a Ratification of Saltwater Disposal Agreement that says Survey No. 1, Abstract 574 I also have a Oil, Gas & Mineral Lease that says R. Mathis Survey, A-1411, R. Wade Survey, A-2179 and R. Wade Survey, A-2178 and most recently got a right of way easement that says Southern Pacific Railroad Survey No. #1, Abstract 574 and CT McAnear Survey, A-2402

Not sure what all this means, lol

Hello to everyone , any activity on the Mitchell Putman Survey , Mason Sheid or Wm McElory survey ... I am a newby and trying to understand the system , Thanks in advance

I have a couple of leases in Jack county , however, I have no clue in the county where they are located . They do not have the normal Township numbering they are driven by Survey's County Clerk best source for this type of information ?


Do you have API (American Petroleum Industry) #'s for any of the wells on these leases? Or do you have a name for these leases?

Here is a link to Jack County production and leases:


Clint Liles

No Clint at the moment none of the three are leased

Let me share with you their description and perhaps you can offer me some insight where they are in the county .

40 acers being the south 27 acres of the northeast 73.5 acres out of the Mitchell Putman survey A-465 and the southeast 13 acres in the Mason Sheid A-544... This one since 1980 has had two leases on it...

142 Acres of Survey number 3210 , Texas Emigration and Land Co. abstract Number 571

11 Acres of the Wm McElory survey, abstract No. 1559 ....

Also do you suggest I write the Jack county Clerk and update them of these holdings and will they record that information when landmen look for contacts that information will be there ?


Watch the video on the Home page on how to navigate the RRC website, and you can locate the properties by Abstract #. You have to zoom out once you map the Abstract # to realize where in the county it is.

Why are companies not drilling more around here? (KRS) Marble Falls and Barnett. All this waiting could drive a person nuts!