Is there any activity going on in Gilmer co?

My family has royalty in Gilmer Co, we haven't had a signed lease since 1943. Someone has been calling my cousins trying to get information about our Twyman family and our royalty. Apparently there is some interest there. I live in Oklahoma and have been taking care of WV royalty for my family since 1995. If anyone knows anything this, I would appreciate your input.

You can also go here

to the WV Office of Oil and Gas. On that page, select Gilmer for the county and choose recent dates. You can see what permit activity has been done.

Then you can go to this website

also on the WV Office of Oil and Gas, and if you have a permit number from the other list you can put it in the API place on Attribute search. Or just do the same kind of search on that site: choose Gilmer, then recent dates.

Thanks, I will try this, I will look and see if I can find an API #. The last info I have is a lease in 1943 with Hope Natural Gas Company. RF Steer Creek

Hope Natural Gas I think became Dominion which sold to Consol/CNX.

Are you or is anyone in your family collecting royalties on this lease? If not, probably the lease is expired and some other company wants to lease your property. It is also possible that the lease is still producing, and another company wants to drill a horizonal well there and needs the lease modified.

Thanks for the info, I was sure Hope was no longer around. None of my part of the heirs are receiving royalties, we are a part of a large group of heirs, We pay taxes on 2 royalties, one 1/36 of86.07 acres, one 1/72 of 20.75 acres. I haven't taken the time to research this, don't have the time and no one else wants to. I will make a note of this oil co. and try to look it up soon. Thanks again, Nancy

Our family was recently approached with a lease modification from Dominion/CNX for our royalty property in Dekalb dist. Of Gilmer county. Not sure if they have intent to drill or are just securing current HBP leases for the Marcellus. We are holdin out for answers before signing.