I cannot find any API numbers

I have all of the tax data and payments from the various energy companies but nowhere can I find a single api number.

Do you have a list of wells/names? If its not insanely long I can look them up for you.

here is what i have on the 4 properties do you need lease numbers?

I do not know what goes with what…

riggs, e gas unit gomez (ellensburg er) ft stockton s un tr 29

gomez-dalco unit gomez (ellensburg er)

riggs, e-b-

little mexico gas unit

ft stockton s un tr 2

Blck 114 Trct 1 Abst # 6041 A RIGGS Sec 2 Acrs 40 NE/4 SW/4, block 114 section 2 Blck 114 Trct 2 Abst # 6042 A RIGGS Sec 4 Acrs 200 NW/4 NE/4, Blck 146 Trct 3 Abst # 8263 T&STL Sec 8 Acrs 80 W/2 SE/4 Trct 4 Abst # 8263 T&STL Sec 8 Acrs 80 E/2 SE/4,

a bit cleaner

VERY EXCELLENT! thanks I am only missing Ft Stockton unit tr 11 lease 34110 operator diamondback. Also do you have a link to where I can input the API number and see current well status thank mark

VERY EXCELLENT! thanks I am only missing Ft Stockton unit tr 11 6042 A RIGGS

A Riggs - 4237130466 (Mongoose Energy) Ft Stockton Unit Tr 11 - 4237133351 and 4237133355 (Diamondback)

I only sent you the active APIs on those tracts, which I found through IHS subscription service. There has to be some way to see if other things are active or not on the TRRC website, but I’m not too familiar with it. Wellbore or Completions Query maybe? Sorry unfortunately the RRC website totally blows relatively to states that don’t have to manage 1million wells, so I avoid it like the plague if at all possible and rely on subscription services.

I agree the rrc is tough to use. Thanks for you work I do appeciate it. mark