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Is there any current leasing activity going on in Hughes? If so, what areas and what companies. I know that Devon, Newfield, Continental Resources, Alta are active there. I have some open acreage if anyone is interested.

I am hoping that the leasing activity will pick up again in Hughes. I have a lot of open acreage. Anyone seen any activity there?

I am Pittsburg/Atoka line.

Couple hundred, all Tucker, all the time. Sorry Terry, not interested in selling; ever. Just joined the group to keep up with issues in the area.

well hello every one this is denice martinez from grants new mexico, i started thi s site to see if there is acyivity in hughes county oklahoma. i have 80 acres of minreal rights there… cotninental resources had been contacting me but i have not heard any thing in quite a while


Are they divided in any way? What are the lease terms you are under? Are they just west of Blocker? Is any part under the lake?

I am interested.

Randal Tucker

Krielow: have you sold? Tucker: did you buy? Krielow, contact me.

Mr. Krielow, I too am interested in your mineral acres in pitt county.

Hughes seems to be heating up a bit. I am not jumping too fast. United Land has been extending some offers.

My Grandparents lived in Holdenville for many years, and I have a lot of fond memories from there, which is sort of why I joined this group. That, and I own a few mineral rights in Hughes County.

As of this post on 5/5/2011, most of the recent permitting activity in Hughes County seems to be along the southernmost and westernmost townships in the county, though I did see where a permit to drill was issued to Mahalo Energy in 28-9N-12E. No well there yet.

I believe there is currently only ONE rig drilling in Hughes County, and that would be an XTO-operated rig in 14-4N-11E, which is in the southeast corner of the county, just northwest of Ashland, OK.

Most of the current leasing activity in the county seems to be in the east-central parts of the county, mainly 7N-11E, 6N-11E and 6N-10E, with lesser amounts in adjoining townships to the north and south of these. Canaan Resources X, LLC and Antero Resources Corp. seem to be doing the lion’s share of the leasing in the county recently.

Chesapeake and Newfield, two former rather large players in the Woodford Shale play, aren’t nearly as active here as they were before the 2008 bust. I expect activity will eventually pick back up in Hughes and the surrounding counties in this play, but gas prices will have to come up first.

Hope this helps everyone out.
Frederick M. “Mick” Scott CMM RPL

Anyone know what the going lease rates are for mineral rights in Hughes County?

160 acres divided in Hughes county…Can anyone tell me the going rates?

Hello! I have 40 acres in Sec 23, Township 7N, Range 10E - anyone know if there is anybody leasing in that area?

continental resources was contacting me, then it just stopped have called and left messages with no responce. how can i tell living new mexico what is going on in hughes county oklahoma… section 2 township 4 north range 9 east 80 acres

i had no lease withthem i think it was in 2008

Hello, Todd are you there

for increased density

dec 23 2009

That’s who I was leasing to last time - when was the last time you heard from them?