How to confirm Royalty Int. on Division Order

In the past, out of ignorance, any time I was sent a division order I just signed and returned it. Now that I want to double check it, I really don’t know how to figure out my RI. I know the interest is 81.25 (or 3/16) and net mineral acres are 1.666667. Does that calculate to Royalty interest of 0.00030048 (as noted on division order)?

Well, I figured it out. If anyone else is interested in an answer maybe someone can explain, but I found instructions and followed them. Thanks anyway.

The formula for Oklahoma Division orders is: net acres/actual spacing acres x royalty x % perforations in your actual spacing area.

Usually the sections are spaced at 640 acres, but not all sections are actually 640 acres. The sections along the northern tier (1-6) and western tier (6,7,18,19,30,31) are usually adjusted for the curvature of the earth, so that is important to know.

Multi unit wells will have a survey run at the end of drilling and will report the percentages of perforations back to the OCC which will be used for the last term. Many wells are permitted at 50/50, but the actual percentage is used on the division order.

Thank you, as always, you are always to helpful.

Hello i dont no where to get this information. I filed the affidavit of heirship on dallas County record building. 2014 in 2015. Ill inherited mineral rights of Texas. In also real estate oil gas etc. Ill inherited from my granfather… look up his name… or these Names… Willliam J. MOORE… MARRIED TO VIOLA SHANNON… MOORE… THEY DAUGHTER… WITCH IS MY GRANMOTHER… CATHERINE. E. MOORE… CLAY… DIANE MOORE… CREEKS MY MOM. ALL OR DECEASED.

How do i obtain information on a signed lease never followed up i need to know if it yeolded anywhere

I answered you in your first question. Need the section, township and range and I can look it up.

There has been production in that section over the years. I went back to 1945. The last production ended in Sep 1998. What date is on the lease that you are looking at? If it was after 1998, then no production since then.

What production was done before or during Sept 1998??

You can look up the well names and the operators on the OCC website.

Each of the wells listed there would have its own spacing for drainage, so your acreage might not be in every well. For example if your acreage is in the NW4, but the well is in the SE4 and spaced at 160 acres, you would not have had royalties.

How would i know the well names? No one authorized drilling in those years

Your lease would have a specific description with the extra verbiage that describes the quarter that it is in. You can compare it to the description of surface location of the wells on the OCC well records site.

The mineral owners do not authorize any drilling. The lease allows for it. The operators go to the corporation commission to get permission.

No lease was authorized for that period

Sounds like they stole oil off my land without my permission

No lease was authorized, or no lease was signed by you? It sounds to me as if you didn’t lease, others did, in a sufficient percentage that drilling was approved, and for whatever reason, you didn’t receive or act on a pooling notice. Is that possibly what happened?

There can be hundreds of mineral owners in a section. If the operating company cannot find everyone or some refuse to lease, then they will go to the OK Corporation Commission and pool the acreage in order to drill. Business continues.

The description you gave above is not the complete description of your ownership, as descriptions usually contain additional language describing the quarter section or smaller. It is possible that the wells that were drilled in the section were not on your acreage. If you think they still might be, then check the unclaimed funds at the state of OK treasurer’s office and see if any royalties are there. The wells that were drilled had very low production, so not much was found.

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No lease was authorized by anyone who owned tht land

Low production yielded something that we werent notified aboit…my family lived in the same place for over 50years Is there a way to pull the production smount name of wells…there is nothing listed on the unclaimed money site

It is possible and highly likely that the surface acreage has been severed from the mineral acres. That has happened frequently across Oklahoma, especially during the depression and the dust bowl times. The surface folks continued to live and farm the land, but the mineral owners had the royalties.

What quarter section are you in? I can look and see if there are production numbers for wells in that quarter.