How do I find new wells?

Is there any source to identify new wells being approved? Right now I’m just looking at this Forum to see where there appears to be activity. But there has to be a better, more comprehensive way to do this. Mainly interested in Lea County, NM, Winkler County, TX and Seminole County, OK. It sure would be nice if the state GIS maps like the RRC Public Viewer identified these!!

Someone on the forum posted this link for Texas permits.

Maybe someone has a similar one in New Mexico. Post your question in the Lea County, NM topic area.

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As Martha referred to use the app that the Texas state has. You may do as a simple check or make it more complicated based on information. The basic method is what I show. You can choose the district, operator and either approved or submitted dates. Once filled out click on submit. Remember that the next page may have more than ten and you need to select that on the right of it for a full drop down.

Texas Link



This is EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for!! You’ve help me again (and again, and again!!!). Thank you Martha!!


OK has a similar site if anyone needs the link.

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Ms Barnes is there a website like this for Oklahoma?

Looking for similar link for OK and Colorado.

Oklahoma Corporation Commission has similar information but a bit less intuitive.

OCC Well Data Finder. Map

Test. Form 1000 are the permits. I use this one mostly. has a free option for every state.

For Texas, I think you might find these graphical interfaces useful

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@AJ11 - WOW! This is fantastic!!! Thank you!!!

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You’re most welcome! also looks for any such ‘activity’ within a few miles of your existing wells. You have to pay extra to have it look for activity near (unproducing) land you just own. (Not sure they even support that yet.)

I’m NOT recommending them, but its another option for folks with land in many states…

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