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Navidad Resources has permitted their first horizontal well in Houston County. It is just north of Weldon in the south west part of the County.

You can take a look at the permit and get the information on the Texas Railroad Commission site under drilling permits. It is a 15,900 ft. Buda formation well. Navidad and Burke are partners on most of the wells in the area. Chesapeake has probably about 30 or so landmen in Houston County. J. Mark Smith is the lease broker for them and they have an office on the west side of the Court House. Chesapeake has had landmen back in the county since about April and have yet to file any of the leases of record.

The Horizontal well (Crespi) had there diesel tank catch on fire. It was a big glow.

Does anyone have current info on the Crespi well or other wells near or in the J.A.Aughinbaugh 2 survey. We have unleased land within that survey.

Any recent drilling in or around Weldon?Just found and joined as I have relatives in the area and I dont know if they have been contacted or not. One relative has land in the J A Aughen Baugh area. Any information will be greatly appreciated.

Not only Navidad is trying to hold down the bonus money and lease terms, try their partner Burke Royalty.

Chesapeake has had a lease brokers office back in Houston County since about April. J Mark Smith, home office is Beaumont, Texas has I estimate 30 plus landmen working in Houston County. They have an office here across from the Court House with an unlisted phone number. They have I estimate 20,000 plus acres leased to drill horizontal Woodbine wells.

They have yet to file one single lease out of many hundreds of interest they have leased since April.

I know of a drilling unit that Navidad did in the Weldon area and after it came in to production they did not pay the first royalty payment for about a year! There are oil wells in Madison County next to Houston County that are producing over 1,000 bbl/day. Do a Google Search for New Gulf Energy and take a look at that.

People all over the U.S. better watch dealing with the "Big C of the Oil Business!

Thank you for the fast response. This is helpful to me. New at all this.


Do you know the name of the well in Weldon? How would I find it in the rrc?

And what is the Big C?


Navidad is presently trying to lease up the Augenbaugh survey. They are drilling the horizontal well called Crespi into the survey. Numerous other wells surround the survey and have been permitted in the survey. Navidad is trying to hold down Bonus payments and block up what they dont have. We have not signed. Unit size is an issue with us. Info is available at the RR Commission site.

Navidad has just permitted a second well named the Crespi. It is on the Texas RRC site as of late December. The first one was a horizontal Buda formation well and the second Crespi is a vertical directional well in the same surveys at a much deeper depth. Also is about a 642 acre unit. Basically this is a horizontal and a vertical well on the same drill site it looks like.

Thank you for the update and I hope members of the Houston County Group and all of the U.S. take time to read your link. Keep us informed.

Anybody have any idea what Terrace Energy is going to do with the 900+ acreas and the other 500+ acres in Houston County. The permit for 900+ was listed today on the TRRC .

Any news of what is happening in Houston County, Texas

I need to know if anyone knows of any activity about 3 1/2 miles north of Grapeland? I have two tracts a little over 100 acres in this area and have never been approached for a lease or anything. I just recently filed the deed transfer so they may have not been able to find out who owned the mineral rights for this area…any help would be great…can give a better description if this sounds remotely familiar to anyone. thanks

I im interested in leasing appx. 640 acres in Yoakum county TX.

Near plains tx. Gibson survey. Block D. Right next to the wasson field.

Please reply if interested or know of some one who might be.

Michael E Patterson… 100%

I am interested in leasing 640 acres … sections 505 and 506 block D

Yoakum county texas. we have 100% ownership in this area.

thank you Michael E Patterson.

Houston County:

I have a good size tract 12 miles N-NW of Grapeland (almost to county line) and have not even had any tire kickers.

I live in S.C., but family has a producing well near Crockett. First check was really low and I need professional help. Anyone know an attorney that works with out of state party?

Mr Bennet, I found that a Mr wade Caldwell who contacted me reguarding my wanting to lease appx 640 acres in yoakum county. Mineral rights only.

was very personable, and from what he told me will work off a one time fee baised on your sighning bonus. or by an hrly rate. he has contact information. here on the mineral rights forum.

good luck.

Michael E. Patterson…

land men, oil companies, or parties with knolege of a good person to contact reguarding leasing section 505 506 block D yoakum county please contact me at mpatterson567@hotmail.com

thank you Michael E patterson