Hosted images do not appear to have been imported

I noticed some hosted images do not appear to be displaying. It may be that the markers are off since it is “testing.mineralrightsforum” instead of “www.mineralrightsforum”

These will be the ones that are uploaded and hosted under

Example 1 Missing image I posted a screenshot in this thread.

Here is the original Original post

Example 2 Martha Barnes’ post July 24, 2013
Link To thread 2

Original Thread 2 link

I’ve invited @Jay_Pfaffman (our tech help) to have a look

Thanks, @Rick_Howell! That’s a big help. I appreciate your including URLs.

That’s a known problem that happens after an import. It’s in the class of things that’s easier to fix than figure out why it happens.

The process is running now. They’ll be back in place shortly.

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And, I’m happy to see that you’re either mastering Markdown or figuring out how to create links with the composer! A cool thing, though is that you can just paste in the raw url in the middle of a sentence and it’ll insert the title of the topic you’re linking to, like this: .

I was using the link tool in the composer.


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Test 2

Aha! Well, glad that’s working too! Your link didn’t do what I described because you put it on a line by itself. A different thing is supposed to happen, but it didn’t for reasons I don’t understand.

You can click the :pencil2: icon and edit your post to see what I mean. vs

here is a topic link

Cool!! I think I have it now.

In test 2, I placed the text on a line itself without the https://

With the https://

Without the https://

Interesting. It’s supposed to produce the “one-box” that you got without the https:// if you include the https as well. Seems like a bug.