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I have lease with Quicksilver between Blanton and Osceola which started in 2005 and was renewed for a two year peroid in 2008 and it expired in 2010. Then a new lease for three years was initiated in April 2010 which will expire in April 2013.I would like to know if any neighbors have received recent renewals of their leases in this area of Hill County. Any responces will be appreaciated. Thanks, John

Does anyone have any info on when they will be doing any type of drilling in the Hill county area?

Jenni, your comments are the second posting on this forum since my posting in 2013 and that explains $1.40 gas today compared to $12.00 gas a few short years ago. Nothing can kill forum activity like a depressed market. But I have watched oil and gas prices for 50 plus years and good years always follow bad years and maybe you are young enough to wait. I'm not, but I have three very deserving children who are. Let's hope for an improvement this year.

Jennie, I have interest in Hill County near Aquilla Lake. I haven’t heard anything in several years. I was leased, some wells drilled in area, large pipeline went in thru so of my interest but nothing since. I think pipeline ended past Aquilla.

Over 200 wells were drilled in Hill Co in 4 years, 2004 to 2007, but there were only 12 drilling permits issued by TTRC in 2010, zero in 2011, 1 in 2012, and 2 in 2014 which are yet to be drilled. My interest was leased by Quicksilver for 8 years in the Hanna Boone survey between Blanton and Osceola but never drilled. Yet 7 wells were drilled and completed in this survey with EOG owning 4 of them so I guess our 32.5 net mineral acres were not close enough to be considered. And yet the 7 producing wells are spread from east to west covering the entire survey which is about 3,200 acres. Fracking was to good for the gas industry and it has nearly killed it. I remember $5 gas twenty years ago and what was it last week? $1.36


Thank you for the reply. Do you have contact info for quick silver? It has been years since I have been leased. I sometimes want to sell my rights but I never do, don't want to make wrong decision. Do you know of anyway that I can get a lease on my rights?


I believe that is where my rights are located as well. I would love to know what to do about all of this.

John-Thank you for reply. How do I reach Quicksilver? Does it do any good to contact them? Lets hope for something good and soon for us all. I am still a bit young but It would still ge great for a lease. May have to be the benefit of someone else otherwise. I look forward to hearing from you again.

Jenni, Quicksilver filed chapter 11 bankruptcy in March 2015 and are now in a restructuring process and my guess is they will do more leasing until gas prices improve. Their address is 801 Cherry St., suite 3700, unit 19 and their phone number is (817) 665-5000. But your interest as well as mine are now open for leasing so it is possible some other company may contact us. I would be interested to know what survey you are in and I have a Hill Co. survey map and as wells were being drilled, I marked my map so I could follow the trend. The survey name should be on your lease.

Jenni, I forgot to add quicksilver is in Ft.Worth

Jen, I leased to Forest Oil April 21, 2008, 3 year lease, 22 % royalties, $750.00 an acre, in the E Eggleston and T Jourdan Surveys. Ready for another check !!

John- I am planning on going to he court house I Hillsboro soon and finding out more info about all of this as well as looking on my paperwork. I will le you know the name of the survey that I am in as well. Again, is it on my paperwork I currently have? And where exactly would it be on my paper work?

Jenni, the survey name will be part of the legal description which will be on the lease. John

John- The survey name is Forest oil. Is this what you meant? It is all I could find. Does this help?

Jenni, Forest Oil is an oil and gas exploration and production co. located in Marshal ,Tex. Surveys are named after people many years ago that were awarded land grants for military service and other reasons. Since your land has been leased before, you can probably get the survey name by calling the Hill Co. County Clerk's office in Hillsboro.

oh ok thank you for the info. i will call them on Mon. My grandfather had this and when he passed I got this. It is the rights I own. will let you know the survey name


Is it the county clerk office or district clerk? I will reach out to both. Once I find out this info. then what happens? How can I get closer to a lease at that point? What do you suggest? Last time leased was in 2007. Thank you for your help


I'll answer this question for you as I suspect John is already in bed. He and his two sons will be getting up real early in the morning to fish for catfish on Lake Palestine. He and I are friends.

You will be needing to contact the Hill County 'County Clerks Office'.

County Clerk

Nicole Tanner

80 North Waco Street,

1st Floor

Hillsboro, TX 76645

Mailing Address P. O. Box 398

Phone: 254-582-4030

Fax: 254-582-4003

I feel that considering the price of oil/natural gas at this time it may be a while before you are offered a lease on your minerals. JUST MY OPINION Good luck with your minerals.

Clint Liles

Jenni, Clint is correct . There is a huge amount of gas being produced which has caused prices to tumble. A warm winter hasn't helped either. But gas like all commodities, rise and fall with demand and someday, it will come back.