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Exporting Gas will be good for all of the Haynesville mineral owners:

Cheniere Energy gets DOE approval for exports

Cheniere will be able to export 800+ Bcf/year.

Southwestern put out a page on their Smackover Brown Dense Acreage - Anyone leasing up there?


SandRidge signs agreement to sell East Texas properties in Gregg, Harrison, Rusk, and Panola counties for $231 million. Properties are about 25,000 net acres with average 2011 production of 25MMcdf.



Hello All,

I am new to this forum and am looking for information regarding leasing to an oil company. my property is in st. augustine county and I have been approached by a company wanting to lease my land to drill for gas. The company is in the process of doing a title opinion because there is discrepancy with ownership of mineral acreage. They want me to sign lease b4 the title opinion is complete. I need to know what to ask for as far as upfront bonus and royalty percentage. The terms that are in the lease are very dense but in reading between the lines, it seems as if the oil company is asking for everything except the kitchen sink. For instance, "breach of lessee of any obligation arising hereunder shall not work a forfeiture or termination of this lease nor cause a termination or reversion of the estate created hereby nor be grounds for cancellation hereof in whole or in part".

There are many things in this lease that don't seem above board. Any help would be appreciated.

Annette, be sure the lease is what YOU want not the company leasing, make it to your terms and get help if you need it. I have to say that this whole bunch leasing, drilling and producing are not honest at all. From where I sit and I have some property that is lease and has a well on it. The Royalty owners are being scammed at every point. Having been associated with the Oil Industry all of my life (am now 79) I can truthfully say that the bunch now days from the companies that are just leasing to the operators are crooks.

Please let me know if you have any suggested additions to my list of online resources for mineral owners.


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