Harrison/marion counties West Virginia

Hello good folks, Sure do appreciate all the knowledge being shared. My Wife’s family owns mineral rights at the following locations: Laurel Run/Big Elk-Harrison County and Glade Fork Marion County. Does anyone know if there is activity in these location and by who? We are wondering if XTO specifically is doing anything.

Much thanks and positive thoughts. Bob

Hi Bob, XTO is not in that area and by looking at the WVDEP Well Information map, it doesn’t look like any units have been built in your area.I only see shallow wells around you drilled by Waco, P.G O/G. It looks like you’re in the middle of the activity. XTO is east of you and Antero is west of you. I hope that helps.

Good afternoon Sir–It does help a lot. We are on a lease renewal now. It does seem strange xto can pay so much for the lease and the renewal and not move on it or is it? thanks and positive thoughts