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Great!! Our group is growing.

up to 3 Redriverdog, what is your interest in hardeman county. My interests involves the extension of the barnett combo and the atoka formation around hardeman and jackson ok.

Hey Patrick

I own land in far northwest Hardeman county just a few miles south of the Red River. My interest is the same as yours I suppose. We did lease our land awhile back but as far as I know very little is happening up there. A lot of land was leased up there so it makes me wonder why?

I own some family land in the Medicine Mound area of eastern Hardeman county. We were sent an oil & gas lease agreement a couple of weeks ago and am wondering if any others in the same area have had similar offers. It was from Anschutz oil and gas company out of Denver. Thanks!

RRD same for Jackson, what I here is they are waiting on a pipeline. Activity has pick up again I think they may have fixed that issue

Now we are four..

I know less about what's going on east of Quanah. Is this your first offer as we were offered almost 2 years ago so have more than a year on current lease.

Patrick I appreciate your informtion since I don't live near there anymore. I am glad to hear activity has picked up...GOOD news. Anything you know would be helpful to me!!

RRD All our offers came two years ago too. Snatched up all of southern Jackson county

Yes, this is our first offer. From what I understand the offers were higher in the western part of the county but I am glad that there appears to be the possibility of some activity near us. I live in Dallas so I am trying to keep up the best I can from a distance. My dad also lives here and I want to keep him informed. Thanks

Hi all, may I ask what the going rate for rights is? I own some land in the west Hardeman county area and am interested in how much and who the land man is. Thanks, Floyd Looney

Going rate I am guessing varies but in general $200plus an acre. Must get back to you on landmen. Sorry so long to respond to your question. Join our group!!

Leased for 150/acre 3/16 no deductions and try a vertical Pugh Claus This was 2 Years ago so I would start at 500 and go from there

Hi all,

Thanks for the information. RRD, BTW, I am a member of this group. Again, Thanks! Would anyone be interested in Windmills. I am not a land man but it seems like they could go hand in hand. IDK?


Absolutely … They would. Floyd did u get involved when FPL leased land in Hardeman and Childress for wind energy. I guess hold up was no transmission lines but that should be fixed by 2013???

Did any of you see the comments under Forums…under natural gas shale plays? They were referring to Jackson co Okla and Hardeman . Interesting

RRD and all,

Thanks for the information. I did not get in on the wind energy lease but am very interested. If anyone knows or sees someone leasing please give me a shout. Thanks!

Nolan: It is my understanding that Anschutz purchased all the Hardeman County leases that EOG purchased about a year ago. We are in NW Hardeman but did not lease to EOG when they were leasing a year ago. I think all the surounding acreage was leased to them, so I guess Anshutz now owns those leases.

Hey Jay thanks for the info I did not know. What do u make of that sale ? And just curious why did u not sign with EOG??

There were negotiations for a lease, but the Landman was pulled off leasing any more acreage before the deal was finalized.

Sorry I don't know anything about that Clint.

Nolan, what happens when another company picks up a lease that was previously bought up by another company like EOG? I would suppose the landman would change. Who would you contact if needed/and what are the chances of the new company taking the option to renew?

Just some questions that come to mind....