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It is section 14 township 8 North range 7 West. Also section 11 township 8 North range 7 West.


The formula for your division order decimal will be net acres/spacing acres actual x royalty x % perforations in your section.

For two section wells, the operator has to report the perforations to the OCC who then issues the order for each section. I see the interim order which was 50%/50%, but the final survey may indicate a slight difference from that. I don’t see the order that just came out in January, but the new split may be 47.30% in 11 and 52.70% in section 14. The exhibit is posted, but wait on the actual order.


Hello M. Barnes, I would like info on Lease Bonus per acre in Sec. 33-5N-8W in Grady County.
Donna Spaulding


Lease bonus information is not generally public. The closest you can get is public auction or the pooling orders which are public. Someone just posted that $350 @ 3/16ths was rejected in the public auction. No recent pooling in the area. Perhaps someone on the forum has also received an offer.


Should I have just asked if anyone has been offered to lease in Sec 33-5N-8W?


500703292 1000 3007N05W NW NE NE NE 05124444 JAMES 7-5-19-18-30H 8/20/2018 8/20/2018 do you know if newfield started drilling or not I see the permit but nit seen a spud order, thanks


I did not see a spud on the OCC well records list.


We have royalty interest in the Cleburne 7x-12x13H well that originally was drilled by Gulfport but was sold after three months to Camino. The first sale was May 5th and we finally got our 1st check from Camino covering Aug - Dec last week. When you compare the gas sales on the check detail to what was reported to the Oklahoma Tax Commission, the amount Camino is paying is only 29% of was what reported. We contacted them and in a couple of days got this response:

Per our Revenue Department, what is reported to the OCC is likely at 100% production of the well. We only market 29% of that, however. That is likely why you are only getting 29% of the total on your check. Please see the information below. Thanks, and have a nice day.

They attached a useless spreadsheet but no explanation about the other 71% of gas produced. This well is in a pooled area in Grady County, Section 12 & 13, 4N, 7W. Another person in Section 12 has received a check from Gulfport for the 3 months they owned the well and Gulfport’s payment was calculated using almost the amount that was reported to the OTC.

Has anyone checked any of their Camino’s payments against what was reported to the OTC and have similar issues? Does anyone have any explanation as to why Camino would do this?



Did you get a check from Gulfport for the first 3 months when they were the operator?

Todd M. Baker


We haven’t yet but someone else on this forum that is in Sec 12 of the pooled area has. Her check shows production very close to the reported amounts to the OCC.


Ms. Barnes

We received a two Division Orders from Camino Natural Resources last week. They are requesting 1. Increasing well density (part of a multiunit Horizontal well). 2. Multiunit horizontal well. My questions are: The proposed new well will go under original well to be able to drain the oil that the original well would not be able to access. Doesn’t that require a new lease from us? Our lease limits the well to one level. I would think additional leases would be needed to drill at a different levels. Before I sign, I want to be sure I’m not getting locked into a bad deal. We’re checking with others to get opinions. I just would like your thoughts.


Bob Teeter


Those are not Division Orders-that comes at the end of the completion of a new productive well and is a contract for production decimal interest. They are OCC cases. I would need to have the numbers on the documents to confirm, but it is most likely to drill more wells in the same reservoir laid out something like cigars in a box. The horizontals don’t generally drain all that far from the borehole. The diameter of drainage depends upon the natural fracture system, the style of completion of the original well, the type of rock that was fractured, the product being produced, etc. Most likely, you will not need a new lease. If you were pooled the first time, then it included that reservoir in its spacing unit. If you were pooled at a different zone, then you may be able to get a new lease or pool. If you were leased, then the terms of the lease would dictate whether you could get a new one here. Has to do with the clauses in your lease and if you had a depth clause. If those two cases are for increased density and a new well, you have nothing to sign. They are for courtesy and information only. If you post the numbers at the top, I will look them up for you.


Carolyn, It is possible that after acquiring the well, Camino started producing the well by gas lift. The method involves injecting gas down the well in order to lift the oil to the surface. If all the gas production is not needed for the gas lift operation the remainder is sold. Theoretically, the gas will be sold at a later date when the gas lift operation ends.


The Cleburne 12x13 well is a gas well. No oil. They are paying on 29% of the gross production. Which is apparent on my check which was held up for 6 months. I asked where is the other 71% I was told it was being sold by another operator. No division order form another operator.


Anyone know if anything is happening in Sec-21-8N-7W?I am just curious because of all the activity in Grady County.Sounds like everything is East of town?Thank You.


Continental has finished hearings and pending hearings for that section. If you have minerals, you should be getting all the mailings. If you think you have the minerals, but are not getting the mailings, come back and I can get your the case numbers so you can look them up.


Just found this article. Update on SCOOP/STACK natural gas production by Platts Analytics


Don Bray, Regarding 17-9N-8W, Thank you for the info that you posted. I have been checking the OCC site for a month looking for info on the 2/26/2019 hearing that you posted. Finally showed up dated 3/19/2019. MID-CONTINENT, LLC requested dismissal of the application. Research a month ago showed that that MID-CONTINENT, LLC was sold to Paloma Partners IV, LLC, effective 2/1/2019. Since Continental Resources, Inc. protested the application early on, I wonder if they are considering drilling.


My family has received an offer to lease mineral rights on 7-7N-8W from Darren Lambert, Landman working for Quillen Energy Services. Has anyone else received lease offers in this area & does anyone have any knowledge of this landman & the company he is working for? I asked a month ago about activity in this area & was told that it was quiet…has this changed?


Just wondering if anyone knows any info about Sec 14-7N-6W in Caddo Cty?
Thank you in advance. Godfrey Holasek