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If you have your name and current address on file in the Grady County clerk’s office associated with your particular legal description, then you will be notified of any pending OCC cases that pertain to you.

At the moment, there are no pending OCC cases for section 36.
If there were any permits, they will be on the OCC well records site. I often have to look on sections surrounding if the surface location is not in my section.

There was a lot of leasing in 35 and 36 in 2017 and 2018, so I think Gulfport or Continental might thinking of doing something there based upon their other activity in the area. Time will tell.


Hi - i have 1 very new pc with win 10 and exployer 11 using Norton for protection. I have gone through the process as spelled out by the OCC web site multiple times without success. If anyone can provide a precise description of a proven PC setup to access the Oricle database i would appreciate it. I think a contributing problen is that the Oricle software is old. Best to everyone Archie Smith


I too became frustrated with the OCC Website & Win10 a few years ago and finally gave up even trying to get it to work. Recently some nma’s where we hold mineral interests became active again so I was forced to give the OCC site another try. Fortunately, after several emails/calls with the OCC Help Desk, it is now working for me. Here are some thoughts/notes/tidbits:

  • First, remove all versions of Java and Jinitiator from Programs and Features. Go into the C:\Program Files and C:\Program Files (x86) folders and delete the Java folder if it exists and if there is an Oracle folder in either of those, Open it up and delete the Jinitiator folder inside there.
  • For the most part, the OCC online “Instructions for Vista/Windows 7/8/10” is your primary guide.
  • Prior to starting step 1, set Internet Explorer as your default browser (not Chrome or Edge or ???)
  • Anytime it asks that you to install/run a program, do so by running it as administrator from your desktop.
  • After Java downloads on to your computer and before you install it, disconnect your computer from your Wifi. Install Java as administrator while you’re disconnected from Wifi. Reconnect to Wifi after Java is installed and continue with the OCC installation process.
  • My OCC access started working without going past step #8 but its a flaky process at best and seems to be different for every PC.
  • The Case Processing Application only runs for me via IE (won’t run on Chrome); the Oil & Gas Data Mining application runs on both IE and Chrome.
  • Once you download and install Java, don’t update it to a newer version (might run OK with an updated version but I didn’t want to take the chance).

Sorry, there is no precise description of a proven setup but I hope this helps. If not, I suggest contacting the OCC Help Desk directly. They are good to work with and may have other ideas for some workarounds as well.


Well TEP returned by call…believe the 1099 problem is with VANGUARD !! FYI


I will try your suggestions tonight. Thank you!!! ADS


Any info on price per nma Grady county sec 32 6n 5w ?


It would be more helpful if you would indicate whether you are searching for leasing or for sales information.


Been getting offers up to 19k per nma, just wandering what others have been offered and what options i have.


There are currently two producing wells on the place.


Hello all. You hafta excuse me if im posting this in the wrong place. Im new and not very tech savvy. My girlfriend just found out she had inherited mineral rights in grady county from her grandma. We learned when we recieved a call and letter from an attorney with a paid up oil and gas lease for the 0.2315 net mineral acre with a sign bonus and 1/8 royalty for section 36 township 10n range 5w. She is on ssi that she relies on. We dont have a clue about what is happening down there since we live in washington and arent up todate on any of this. Is it worth loosing her ssi to persue this as having any real value. Or should we just not sign and let what happens happen. Thank you for your time


All i can say is you dont need to change states to receive mineral royalties , may take some time and an attorney to clarify things but take yer time get informed.


I am in 30 10N 05W , and there are several things happening in that area by Roan , all around it.


Do not take the 1/8th royalty. Ask for what they are offering for 3/16ths or 1/5th or 1/4th. You will not “lose” all of her social security. 1/8th royalty is the minimum being offered. The leases recently filed are for up to 1/5th. The bonus will be less, which will not impact the social security as much. They go in pairs. High bonus, low royalty (what they are offering) and low bonus, higher royalty. At .2315 ac, the bonus will not be much. And whether or not you sign it, she still owns it and she will still be owed money if there is a successful well, so better to be wise about it and control how she gets it and plan for the future.

Also, do not sign that lease as offered. It will probably not be in your favor as it has clauses that are in the operator favor and not hers. I would encourage you to read the Mineral Help tab above and to read a nice topic for inexperienced owners.Information for Inexperienced Royalty Owners

There are several companies leasing in 36, so she may get more than one offer. Ask to get a copy of the lease document and come back here to get some help on which clauses are good for you and which ones are not so good.


The offers will be ranged according to royalty that you have. A 1/4th will get higher than 1/8th, etc. That offer is in the ballpark of what I have heard, but since you didn’t say what royalty, hard to pinpoint exactly.

Your options are varied.
1-Do nothing since there is room for more wells in your section. No pending cases, but who knows what Continental will do.
2-Ask for more. First offers are usually low (in my experience) as they are teasers just to see if someone will bite. 3-seriously think through what your strategy is. You will most likely have to pay capital gains on any sale, so remember that. Do you need or just want money now versus later, do you have heirs, do you want to give to charity or your church, do you want to invest and how, etc.
4- keep some and sell some.


Hello again Ms. Barnes: Ihave some friends here in Boise who have mineral interests in Grady county, Section 10 T 4 N, R 8 W. Their interests were leased about 10 years ago and th eleases have since expired. I think they are on a southern flank of the Chickisaw field and in the deep basin for Woodford and the Mississippian meaning dry gas in all probabiloity. do you know of any production in this section and/or drilling planned for the unconventional targets? Any leasing activity? As always thank you as your shared knowledge and advice is greatly apprceciated. David Hawk


Pretty quiet out there. There was some leasing in 2017. No new wells listed at the moment. Very deep for gas, so they may not cycle back there until gas prices go way up to justify drilling.

A few of the old wells are still producing.


Any activity going on in 7-7N-8W or 17-9N-8W in Grady County, OK?


Pretty quiet around 7-7N-8W. More activity on the east side of the township.
TPR was thinking about a horizontal in 17 back in 2018. You should have gotten the OCC paperwork in the mail.


Paperwork would have gone to my brother. He had significant health issues last year & almost died. How can I find out about said paperwork?


Francine, the next hearing date is 2/26/2019. Using the case numbers listed below you can look at other documents here…
(Pooling Application Case # 201707818)