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Dear M_Barnes Thank you for your quick response to my post I do not know how to thank you for your help and all the rest of the members here that responded. I have learned so much from your post and guideness now and we’ll be a long time member to I look forward to learning more and someday able to be able to pass it on to someone down line as you are doing for me know. Thank you all and have a wonderful day. Thank You, Robert Verges


At this point, there are no more wells, but they did line up the first well on the Far East side of the sections which leaves room for more wells in the future. Too early in the drilling cycle to tell.


[quote=“Michael_Edward_Mager, post:295, topic:28851”] August ‘18 a 60/40 well in Sec 7 and Sec 18. We have minerals in 18 6 7. [/quote] DOBIE 18/7 1HXL was plugged and abandoned as they did not find the sand they were looking for. They were looking for the Hoxbar.


Martha: “SWD” means salt water disposal. Doubt she is getting any $$ on it.


Fully aware of that terminology. Don’t usually get revenue from saltwater disposal, but maybe if there is skimmer on it, may be getting a little bit of oil off of it.

But it turns out from her next post is that it really was the Eubanks 1-33-4XHM which makes much more sense.


Got offer to buy 7200 per acre in 32 7 7 does anyone know if this is a fair offer


$14,200/acre in Section 15-7N-7W closest sale I see near your section… don’t know if the offer is fair or not.


Hi Don, When was that offer made and from who made it? I would be interested in talking to them. We have 30 acres in 10-07N-07W. Our well (Dansil 1) is divided between both sections. Thanks.

Bob Teeter


Has anyone seen how many, if any, storage tanks for the Jeannie (2705N06W) and Scott (0605N07W) wells have been put up? Heard any rumors about production numbers? Thanks!



Still a little early to get production #'s. Might not even be finished drilling &/or completing.


that cheap! ive been offer multiply times between 20-30k for minerals in sec 33 7n6w also sec 33,32,28,4,5 7n5w all I can say is if you can hold on payout on these wells are going to be tremendous.


Thank you for your help i will do that . The sight you said to use MOEA Seach what is that . I was told to look at the state treasurer office to but cant quite figure it out do they have a office to number to speek with someone we have a lot of problems with the internet were i live and it drops it most of the time in the middle of it all and have to start it over and over all the time its a big pain in the rump here but thank you for what you have done to help have a great day and thanks again for your help.


Search through the Oklahoma Corporation Commission.

Use the Oklahoma Treasurer’s office unclaimed funds as another avenue.
If you are looking for an ancestor’s missing funds, look in the state in which they resided. Also check Delaware as a last resort as many companies are domiciled there.


Raintree and Rockport Energy appears to be buying Minerals in 21-03-08 And Pegagsus made one purchase.

Any information regarding how much they paid and exactly where within 21-03-08 ?


Joe, try using a different search engine. I had the same or a very similar problem and when I switched to Firefox and quit using whatever it is Microsoft gives you, I was able to access everything on this site.


Thanks, Jim. I solved the problem using Google Chrome. Appreciate your input. Joe


Anyone having problems with VANGUARD and TEP ANADARKO BASIN OPERATING SRVS? They have either sent me duplicate 1099s OR one is reporting income which was never paid to me?? I’ve called both companies and sent an email…if anyone sees this with a similar issue…guess I will file a complaint with the Bankruptcy Trustee and OCC. Dont know what else to do…really messes up my taxes


Martha, I have not been able to access the occ database case processing for years thanks to windows 10. I recall you may be using a Mac to do this now. If so it might be worth buying a used Mac solely for this purpose. What do you think?


Actually, it is not very good for a Mac at all in my experience. The software is very old at the OCC. Most folks with newer PCs with newer softwares do just fine.


What is the best process or steps to find out if any company is drilling on my Section

Section 36 TS 3N R 6W

Ive called continetal directory no reply Ok corporation commission.