Gas being produced, but how much?

Marathon found gas on our land, but they're not paying us (yet). A legal error long ago means I have to prove we own the land, but it is worth it? If it's $50 a year, it's probably not worth a legal battle, but it could be quite a bit.

Does anyone have a well in Kingfisher, and is it producing enough to be worth a lawyer? The property is...

Section 2

Township 15 North

Range 6 West of the IM.

Anyone familiar with the area and know if any wells nearby are profitable? Any tips on dealing with Marathon appreciated too.

Many thanks.

First things first. What "legal error long ago means I have to prove we own the land." Please explain what you mean. Either you're the legal owner or not.

Good luck,


A lawyer generations ago noted in a will that the heirs had mineral rights, which was incorrect. (We have original documents and proof.) Also, there's a good chance those heirs are dead, but Marathon, fearing conflict, wants us to prove it. Otherwise, they won't pay anyone anything. Thus, we'd have to hire a lawyer and a person-finder to locate the dead heirs and/or have the living heirs (who may not even know the land exists) say they have no claim.

It'll be expensive and time-consuming, thus we hope to find out if the well is producing enough to be worth the trouble.