Garza County

Good Afternoon, I just drove through Garza county and the smell of oil was thick. I have rights in N/2 sec. 1, BLK, 8, H&G RY. Co. Survey, Garza COunty to 2,900 depth. Does anybody have any advice or info?
Thank you!

Since no one has responded I’ll pass on what I could find on the Railroad Commission’s site about your area. Below is their current map with a blue dot in the middle of Blk 8, Sec. 1.

That oil you are smelling must be from one of those wells in the section west of you that are still pumping after 30+ years.

It looks like that field your acreage is on the east edge of is producing from just above 2900’, but the wells that were drilled in your section were plugged years ago and it doesn’t look like anything new has happened nearby since the 1980’s.

The few permits filed in Garza County in the last couple of years were aimed at formations between 6000 and 8000’ and were a ways to the north, above Post.

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