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Need a landman for garza

What issue if any if land is in CRP lease is there.

Has any one heard of any new drilling or leasing activity North and N.E. of Post Tx ? Understood it was being looked at for the deeper formations

BLP-Ellenburger ?

looks like things my be heating up in SW Garza county

9 miles SW of post well #169-34130 tested 365bbls per day

as per railroad comm.

new permit pending 7miles SW of post off FM 1313

both appear to be in the mississippian formation w/ horizontal drilling

Just received an offer not good 100 dollars and 1/3


what area are you in ?

I heard Apache had leased some for 125and 1/5 a 3+2

the 1/3 is very good the 100 sounds low

do you know what company it is for ?

Loyd My mistake not 1/3 3/16 will not consider anything less than 1/4. And I don’t know where this tract is. Section 704 a- 452 I&ign survey

Apache has drilled on our interest a couple years ago. Out on the woolom ranch southwest of post. Have a wellhead and tank batteries set up but nothing hooked up and no production. Been almost two years with all the tanks and stuff set.


your section 704 is north of post and east of highway 207

have heard of seismic going on out there north and ne of post

I agree with you on the prices hope you get a fair offer

I wondered what happened on the woolam well I watched since it was drilled . strange deal so I guess they are calling it a shut in ?

Does anyone know if Apache is renewing any of its leases ,in sw Garza County? Due to expire in feb. and march?

Has anyone heard any info on the State unit 10 #169-34169

Abstract A1221 7 miles sw of post.

Spud date 5-15-14 This is very close to our family's mineral rights on the east of this well.

We've got 247 acres 6 miles NE of Post on the Ralls Hwy. (Hwy. 207) Inquiry today from Emerald Energy about seismic option of 1 year @ $25/acre; strike offer of $75/acre, 3/16 royalty for 3-year term. Does this sound about right?


I know very little about seismic options pros and cons be careful.

the 25 per acre sounds fair ,I guess you are talking about the minerals?

surface rights are separate ,or you may own both ?

in my opinion the offer to lease is low ,125 to 175 /acre and 20%, 22.5% 0r 25% ri are more in line. Have a lawyer check over the lease agreement before signing .

Most leases are negligible you can counter their 1st offer.

some interest is in that area,from what I have heard.

you may want to negotiate a mineral lease w/o the seismic option.

hope that helps and good luck

Thanks for the prompt reply, Lloyd. Yes, we just own the mineral rights. Your comments about the lease agreement are greatly appreciated! And I didn't know you could negotiate a mineral lease w/o the seismic option. I told the landman I would get back to him today...should be an interesting one.

Your response is greatly appreciated!


you can also go to the mineral help box that is at the top of this page

a drop down box will come up some good info for you there

Will do. Thanks, Lloyd!

Hi Clint, thanks for the info on the recent & past permits, re enters & re completions!!! I have found my grandmas will & all the mineral interests & various counties they are in!, I had no idea that I had inherited all this property!! Damn, I am going to do some serious home work!! I will share it with you & see what you think?? Thanks again for posting the " GIS" map of those leases in Garza county, I have more, quite a bit more in Garza, Dawson, Mitchell , Reagan , crocket & some in irion co. As well as in some east Tx counties as well, quite a bit more in Garza too, some producing now for over 70 yrs ??? Something is surely going to " pop"??? Well I hope so anyways!, have a good evening!! Best regards!, !!, William " Austin" Pugh, grandson of Nonie Bell & Leland F Long!!..:slight_smile:

William, Text sent at 8:21 P M..........

Clint Liles

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