Garvin County Section S29 4N-4W

Does anyone have any news about oil or gas leasing on Section 29 of Garvin County

There were 16 new leases in 2017 in Sec. 29. You have RimRocks Clydesdale 1-29SH horizontal well just completed in 29 in April 2018. You will probably get a Division Order in October. Clydesdale 1-29-20UWH was completed in January 2018, but first sales in late March 2018. DO should be soon. Looks like there are permits for a couple more.

Casillas pooled 27 in 2018. Casillas has a pooling pending in 28. Marathon pooled 30 & 31in 2017, 32 in 2018. RimRock pooled in 19 and 20 in 2017.

M Barnes. In 4N4W I have interests in 30, 33, and 35. Can you tell me what the status is in those sections as far as permits or drilling horizontal wells go? I would appreciate it. Tom

Thank you M Barnes, I also have mineral rights in section 27, and section 3 in Garvin County. Marsha

30-4N-4W. Marathon had plans for a horizontal well in 2017. You should have gotten the OCC documents for 201604706, 4707, 4703, 4705, and 201701279. If not, then look them up on the OCC and look at the respondents lists and see if you recognize names. OAP Somers 0404 1-21-30SXH was finished in June 2017. You should be in pay status.

33-4N-4W Rimrock and Casillas jockeying for position. Lots of OCC cases. You should have gotten the info. 201605822, 201704912, 201706581, 201802368, 201802367, 201804628 No new well yet.

35-4N-4W Rimrock has horizontal planned 201806900, 6899, 6898 Watch for new well.

Marsha, give the whole legal addresses. Need township and range.

Here it is: Township 3 (S/2 SW/4) (W/2 SW/4 SE/4) OF SECTION 3 AND N/2 SW/4 AND SW/4 SW/4 OF SECTION 3 TOWNSHIP 4 NORTH

You said 27 & 3. Now I am confused

Don’t need all the quarters, just the section, township and range.

Thank you M Barnes very much for the info.

Section 27 Township 4 Range 2W, Section 3 Township 3 N Range 2E. and Section 3 Township 4 N, Range 1 thank you Marsha

Sec 27 Township 4 Range 2W- no new leasing, Howard 1 still online in early 2018. No new wells. No new regulatory applications.

Sec 3 Township 3 N Range 2E- leasing nearby in section 2. Nothing in 3. No new wells or reg apps

3 Township 4 N, Range 1- need to know if this is East or West.

thank you for the information its on the East

Sec 3 4N-1E. Ranken has a pooling hearing pending in Sec 5. Lots of leasing in 2, 4, 5. Two leases in Section 3 by Pro Mineral LLC in May 2018.

Section 33 4n4w prairie well. Can you tell me when it went pay status? Thanks, tom

Active date listed on Gross Production site is 12/29/18. So don’t look for production until about July or August or so. Multi section wells take a bit longer to do the title work on. And a first sales date that late in December probably missed any check cut dates for December. Oil sales don’t show up for a month or so later and gas sales a month after that. The Gross Production site is not listing any sales yet. They are usually four-five months behind.

image Section 33 4N, 4W in April 2019. A member from McClain Cty provided this.

image A closer look

It all sure makes it hard to guess when one will start getting checks! I see some people have said some negative stuff about Casillas who drilled it. About never being able to get them on the phone or not replying to email.
I talked to XTO after waiting for about an hour and they said that day they had received almost 3000 calls! No wonder they can’t answer! Can you give a guess when you think they will start paying? I appreciate everyone’s responses to my questions. The more I learn about all of this the more I realize I don’t know that much about it!

Thank you Lynden. Looking good!

See my response above. Not until July-August-maybe.