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Well I own a little land in SW Garvin County and a part of section 35 and 36 of Grady County.

I’m glad to see a few people interested in Garvin County!

A family friend owns minerals in Sec 20, T-1N, R-1W and has been approached by Eagle Land & Minerals to lease for $200/net acre, 3/16th. Is there any activity in the area? And, is Eagle Land & Minerals a broker? I’m not fmailiar with this area and would like to help a friend.

Join the Grady county forum. Lots of info. there.

I own minerals in section 30 garvin co, Continental Resources drilled the Lyle1-30H, it has been completed but don’t know how well its doing Has anyone info on this?

Dawson Geophysical is working for Newfield to possibly shoot 3D seismic in parts of Garvin, Grady and Stephens. They contacted me and my property is in Sec 28, T4N, R4W. Merit owns producing wells that I currently receive royalty payments on from this property. Would Newfield be looking at different depths or would they have to work with Merit?

Continental Resources today announced it has successfully completed the Lyle 1-30H. The well is flowing 7.1 MMcfpd of natural gas and 325 Bopd in its initial one-day test period. They call it “outstanding”.

Lyle 1-30H is located in Section 30, Township 3N, Range 4W, Garvin Co. Merry Christmas!

Good day. I am a newbie here, as will be illustrated by the following questions:

  1. Can I find a map of the sections the county is divided into? (And will this info do me any good?)

  2. What is “pooling” as opposed to “unitization”?

  3. Is unitization mandatory in OK?

Thanks, Dan

What Township and Range is the Lyle 1-30H located? Thanks and Merry Christmas to everyone!


Go to


Thank you for info on the township and range. I hope you are enjoying your Christmas holiday.



Yes, I am an attorney and I have oil and gas experience.

You can contact me privately at

Western Land Services is doing leasing.

Eagle Land is doing leasing.

Craighead, T.C. is doing leasing.

I would not sign a lease until you got offers from all three.

There are several things you want to make sure are in the lease.

Make sure the lease says that royalty will be paid on fmv received at point of sale with NOTHING removed for post production expenses or costs.

Make sure the lease terminates in all formations not producing at the end of the primary term.

Lessor shall get the highest bonus paid if anyone else gets a higher bonus in the section.

Hi Laura, welcome to the forum.

It would really be helpful for all forum members if you included the Section Township and Range so anyone who owns in or near that section can share their lease terms and bonus. As far what goes in a lease, I cannot answer that in such a short post. An oil and gas attorney or landman should b sought out. I am an attorney and know the answer but like a said we have limited space. specific questions are easier to answer on the forum.

Two leasing companies have approached you which is a good thing. Find out who is going to drill the well. IE who are they working for. Ask them the highest royalty and bonus that they have paid. Surprisingly some are honest and will tell you and they can be believed. Some however, not so much.

Let us know STR and we can try and help.

Hi Matthew, thanks for your reply.

Sections 21, 29, 31, 32, 01N, 01W

Thank you for the questions to ask. I don’t want to lose out on a lease due to taking the time to become educated on this matter but I am making the decisions on behalf of my brothers also & I don’t want to cheat them either. One lease gave me so many days to reply. Are you an oil & gas attorney?

Thank you, Laura

Does anyone know of any activity going on in Section16, Township 3N, Range 4W of Garvin County? There has been an offer to buy our mineral rights there. I signed a new 3 year lease in April but have not heard anything since then.

There has been a lot of activity just south of that in Stephens county. 1N 4W . Marathon, Merit, and Newfield each have permits granted in the last 2-3 months in section 12,18,36.

You might look at the Stephens county group as well.

Go to Baker Hughes web site and in the small print at the page bottom find ,rig count, click on that and then along the left bar click on interactive rig counts. After the map loads you can zoom into Garvin, Grady and Stephens.

There is a cluster of three gas rigs one in each county and then three oil rigs a little further north. One in Garvin, Grady and McClain. There are others but I am just concentrating on those in Garvin or close by.

Gary, Not surprised that you are getting increased interest. You are just two sections over from the Lyle 1-30H well.