Forge Teal Unit #1

There have been numerous comments about the status of this wildcat well. When oil company’s spend this much money on a exploratory well ,they will not leak information. Any engineer, consultant or company man leaking confidential information would not be employed long. With the contacts that I have in the Permian Basin area tell me that they must see something or they would have plugged this well long ago.

Not necessarily. There have now been a few attempts made by 4Sevens and Enduro and a little further south, Shell. All have failed and Shell has left the immediate area, for "older" shale deposits in the Midland and Delaware Basins.

My 2 cents.

Next well of interest is Santo's deep test at Posey, on the Slaton Hwy.

Don’t know weather the norton rig on the slaton highway can make it to 10,900, have you send it? I’ve seen water drilling rigs bigger than that one lol

Santo is “betting” they can!

All I can say is drive by Thursday or Friday and you will see a pulling unit pulling rods and running a sub. The point is that they have spent this kind of money. A little more to give it one last chance is a drop in the bucket.

Rig is on well. Location is full of folks making the changes necessary to operate a submersible pump. Electricians, cable spool trailer and truck, roustabouts and frac tanks possibly for extra water storage.

GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!

Forge Teal is all water. Not a drop of oil. Feel sorry for the soaked Forge investors!!!!!

That's correct. Not sure how long they plan to run it.

Forge teal unit is totally automated. Forge can monitor tank levels well pressure etc from computers. Not cheap!!! Lots and lots of water hauling hauling daily, also not cheap!!! I spoke to an engineer that said you will not get any oil flow until the water is pumped off. We will know more about this area in a area in a couple of months as the leases start to expire. They do have the option to release our minerals for another three years. Time will tell!!!

The Teal is pumped off. Just talked to the foreman. Fluid level is 110 ft above the pump intake which is actually below the top perfs. When the well goes down on low intake pressure, they will not start it back up. They are making plans plug it.