Forced Pooling--Shove it back on them--Defend yourself and your property

Forced Pooling is nothing more then legalized theft.

If you are placed in "Forced Pooling" you are then forced to sell your "Mineral Rights" at an amount set by a judge. However you did not sign the agreement. So are you bound by the other clauses in the contract. In particular an "Arbitration Clause"??

How can a second or third judge "not allow" you sue in a court of law thus denying you your constitutional rights to a trial by enforcing an "Arbitration Clause" that you never signed??

I ask these questions because fracking is now going on in my WV County.

I will tell you that, this will be my pleading to the small claims court judge.

$500.00 for every regular tree removed or damaged.

$5,000.00 for every nut or fruit tree removed or damaged {this is taking food out of the mouth of my family}.

$500.00 every time one of their employees trespass on my property {or better yet call the police and have them arrested then file in court}. Follow the police car to the police station, ask the officer for a copy of the police report and to check for a Criminal Record & Illegal Alien & the Sex Offender List.

$5,000.00 if the employee or contractor is a Felon or Illegal Alien or a Sex Offender for placing your family in danger. Remember that an Illegal Alien is a "Criminal for entering the County Illegally".

Prior to any drilling take a sample of water from your well to the "National Drinking Waster Services Center" at WVU. Then take a new new sample every 3 months. If there is any contamination from test to test. You then have more grounds to sue again and again. Remember that you want safe water to drink, cook your food, wash your dishes, take a shower, wash your clothes, water your vegetable garden.

They want to be a hard ass by taking you to court and stealing your minerals. Two can play that game.

Just a few more comments on Forced Pooling.

Purchase a date book and record every event such as;

1. Trespassing

2. Damage to your property by workers

3. Damage to you property by earthquakes caused by fracking

4. Late payments

5. Late 1099 forms

6. Contamination of your drinking water

7. Not paying you for gas pumped and then burned off

8. Taking deductions "remember this is forced pooling and you did not sign a contract"

9. Tax penalties if they stop sending checks for some reason for a few months then you can not make estimated tax payments on time

Pictures are worth a thousands words. Scientific data on water contamination is worth a million pictures.

Judges will appreciate the date book, pictures and test reports.